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The ORGAZMIK editorial staff has long been shrouded in mysteries as impenetrable as the ones that cloak the Masonic Lodge. The popular impression of our editors is that of a gang of loutish blokes and cunning broads who keep the daily routine of watching porn half-buried in the couch, burping clouds of beer into the air and bitching about the state of the nation and the ever-increasing price of ciggies.

Which, of course, is totally untrue. We would never burp in our employer’s premises. We might be swine but we’re no animals! In fact, we’re disciplined and highly motivated, and we take pride in salvaging the pornographic pearls from the digital waste that threatens to bury our desks every day. Another important part of our job is introducing you to the most important stars in the biz and their latest movies. So please click on one of the trustworthy faces on the left to learn all about the smut specialist of your choice!


The Orgazmik Awards are different from many other porn awards. The Orgazmik Awards are small (only 10 categories) and are compiled by people who are daily working with pornography. The awards are bestowed once a year.

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