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What does "High Definition" mean?

An image, whether displayed on a computer monitor or a TV screen consists of a certain number of horizontal and vertical image points (pixels). For a long time the TV standards PAL (in Europe) and NTSC (in the USA) were the be-all-and-end-all of it. Among other things this also determined the resolution (with PAL 768 pixel horizontally x 576 pixel vertically). All TV and video productions were made and broadcast to these specifications, whether digital or analogue.

Illustration 1 Now "High Definition" is a term to describe a new high resolution film experience. More pixels, more quality. Sadly "High Definition" also means a great confusing tangle of new and sometimes even competing formats and norms. In the area of data media there are two formats: "HD-DVD" and "BLU-RAY". Films on such media are usually saved at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels; experts also speak of "1080i" or "1080p". Compared to PAL resolution that's a 2.5-fold increase!

How can I use this new technology?

Every new technology incurrs new investments. Films in "High Definition" are physically delivered on a BLU-RAY disc. Its competition format HD-DVD is no longer of relevance. BLU-RAY discs can only be played on a BLU-RAY player. For correct display you need a TV (or beamer) which supports the high resolution. What's important to know is that there are players and televisions available on which it says "HD" but have only limited "HD" capabilities. Without going into too much detail we can say this much; if you want the ultimate HD-experience you have to look for these terms: "1080p", "FULL HD" and "HDMI".

Illustration 2
Miss High Definition


Porn films in BLU-RAY format

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