Orgazmik Affiliate Program

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Description of the Affiliate System (Affiliate Program): The affiliate puts a specially prepared link (textlink or banner) on his website that leads to the website of Orgazmik. As soon as a visitor clicks the link he will receive a cookie. This makes it possible to track through which affiliate the visitor came. If the visitor is placing an order within the same session on the Orgazmik website the affiliate gets a one time commission.

By applying and the use of this system, you declare that you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions of use.
  1. The following terms and conditions of use are the exclusive contractual conditions between OMnet, Inc./ORGAZMIK ("Operator") and the user of this program ("Affiliate").

  2. To participate on this affiliate program it's necessary to apply for an account. The operator reserves the right to refuse applications. The participation is free. The affiliate must be 18 years or older. The program is intended for commercial use only, and the affiliate may not purchase products through the program for own use.

  3. To place and to promote affiliate links on the website or any other means of communication the affiliate agrees to the following terms:
    • The content of the website must comply with current laws
    • The link must be within an environment that allows the promotion for sexually oriented material
    • There must not be any misleading information on the website
    • The targetted audience must be 18 years or older
    • The website must have at least 50 visitors per day

    Promoting a link by email is only allowed to persons that have agreed to receive the email (Opt-In) and are 18 years or older. The affiliate is fully responsible for the contents of his means of communication.

  4. The operator reserves the right, mainly in case of violation of clause 3, to close an affiliate account either immediately or by the end of the month. Any outstanding balance will not be paid out.

  5. Once a customer follows an affiliate link and places an order on the operator website he will be considered a customer of the operator. The operator will handle the entire order process, including payment, shipping and customer service. The operator reserves the right to refuse an order.

  6. Commission: The height of the commission is defined by the operator and is currently set to 20%. Base price is the product price displayed in the online shop less any possible customer rebates. The commission is due as soon as a product/service has been paid and delivered to the client.

  7. Payment: The payout of the commission is made on a monthly base (within 15 days of the following month). There is a minimum payout limit of EUR 50 / CHF 60. The balance will be moved to the next month if the payout limit has not been reached. Before payout, the amounts will be converted to the payout currency (if necessary).

  8. The operator reserves the right to temporarily withhold or withdraw payments in case of suspicion of fraud on part of the affiliate or the submitted clients.

  9. Cancellation: The affiliate account can be cancelled by both parties to the end of every month. If the affiliate cancels the account, the minimum payout limits apply as set in clause 7. The balance will not be paid if the limits have not been reached. The limits do not apply if the account has been cancelled by the operator. Should further commissions be generated after the agreement has terminated they will not be taken into account nor paid out.

  10. The current balance and statements are available online within a password protected area. There is no right to request an external revision of the statements.

  11. The operator grants the affiliate a nonexclusive, revocable right to use the supplied banner graphics and the brand Orgazmik to identify himself as an affiliate of this program. The use of any other graphics or texts from the website of the operator is not allowed unless separately licenced.

  12. Place of jurisdication is Zurich, Switzerland. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Switzerland.

Version July 2006. Terms are subject to change.