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Traci Lords

Screenshot from:
Love Bites

Screenshot from:
L'Initation de Mandy

Screenshot from:
L'Initation de Mandy

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Traci Lords Fan Club
2301 Artesia Blvd, Suite 12-224
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Personal Data
Date of Birth 05.07.1968
Birth place Steubenville, Ohio, USA
Height 170 cm
Colour of eyes green
Hair sometimes red, sometimes blonde
Favourite color black
Lucky number 13
Hobbies Writing poetry, music and song lyrics
Favourite food Russian (cooked by her mother)
Favourite book The Jungle Book
Marital status married

The story of Nora Louise Kuzma, better known as Traci Lords not only to men, is only the same as most other pornstars' at first glance. Her story tells of a strong personality who tenaciously is trying to reach closure with her past and get established and taken seriously as an artist. And Lords avoids the usual traps and snares and neither does she get embarrasing. That her transition into the "serious" world isn't made easy for her, is still largely her own doing. But let us start at the beginning.

The name and "brand" 'Traci Lords' is almost synonymous with 'illegal pornography'. It took over 100 porn-productions until it was discovered that Lords wasn't yet 18 at the time of the film-shoots and therefore a minor. In 1984, at the age of 15 she was even the centrefold in the september issue of the renowned magazine Penthouse, side by side with the then Miss America Vanessa Williams. In her movies she was renowned for her loud and intense moans, which kind of turned into her trademark - all this while she was often on drugs and under the thumb of unscrupulous producers. In may of 1986 she was arrested by the FBI. The worldwide only officially available movie from those days is TRACI, I LOVE YOU (1987). It was shot in Paris, exactly on her 18th birthday.

Traci's reason for getting into the porn business in the first place - as is often the case - can problably be found in her disfunctional family background. At the age of 12 she, her three sisters, her mother and boyfriend fled from the alcoholic father. At 15 she was pregnant, ran away from home, had an abortion and lived with a boyfriend who was over 40 years older than her. Because of her already very womanly body with big breasts and a firm butt, but mainly thanks to a fake drivers licence (she'd used her a friend's sisters' birth certificate) she was welcomed by the porn-industry. From 16 on Traci starred in hardcore productions which were later all confiscated, causing all the numerous producers, distributors and shops involved million dollar losses. But as Traci herself was still a minor, she was never charged with anything.

Other women in this situation would probably have tried to return to anonymity, to lead a simple, normal life in the suburbs. But Lords decided on a different strategy: frontal attack. She enroled at the Lee Strasberg school of acting and from 1988 managed to get several bigger and smaller roles. NOT OF THIS EARTH of 1988 was her first mainstream movie (the last time she was to show her naked breasts) - there followed many more appearances, for instance in MACGYVER, EINE SCHRECKLICH NETTE FAMILIE, ROSEANNE, MELROSE PLACE, CRY-BABY (with Johnny Depp among others), BLADE (with Wesley Snipes), UNDERWORLD and many more. Besides that she appeared in talk shows where she spoke openly about her past. These days she says she doesn't remember all the details. In her autobiography of 2003 she talks of only 20 porn-films forgetting the majority of them.

Besides her appearances in films (no more nude scenes by now) and her fight for gay rights Lords since 1990 has turned her talent to songwriting and singing. The album she published in 1995 had a very good start: the first single 'Control' made it straight to number 2. in the US-Billboard Charts - not least because it was part of the soundtrack for the movie MORTAL COMBAT. In 2003 Lords not only entered a new realm as the author of her autobiography but also became a scriptwriter and directed a short film. Even though Lord's has always been fraught with insecurity one thing is for certain: We'll hear from this woman again. And it will be interesting for some time yet.

Did you know that Traci Lords . . .

... is the daughter of a Jewish immigrant from the Ukraine and her mother is Scandinavian?

... had her name officiall changed from Nora Louise Kuzma?

... used the name Kristie Elizabeth Nussman on her fake ID?

... also appeared under these pseudonyms: Randee, Lulu, Patricia, Pammy, Debbie, Bonnie, Helen, Bobbie, Natalie, Karla, Paula, Kristen?

... has this fondest wish: to finally be rid of the title "former pornstar"?

... has her best friend at high-school Traci to thank for her artists first name?

... chose her artists last name after her favourite actor Jack Lords in her favourite series 'Hawaii Five-O'?

... earned over a million dollars with her XXX-movies but claims it was only about 20'000 dollars?

... says about her past that: "if you're sexy everyone loves you. That's all I ever wanted - to be loved."


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