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Sasha Grey

Screenshot from:
Black Cocks Tiny Teens 4

Screenshot from:
Black Cocks Tiny Teens 4

Screenshot from:
Teenage Whores 3

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Sasha Grey as

P.O. Box 9266
Canoga Park, CA 91309

Personal Data
Date of Birth March 14, 1988
Birth place Sacramento, California, USA
Height 168 cm
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Breasts Natural
Life Philosophy Carpe Fucking Diem
Favourite Music Depeche Mode, Radiohead and many more
Favourite Movies The pornography of Belladonna, really good documentaries and much more
Favourite TV shows South Park, Arrested Development, etc. (she is no couch potato, though)
Favourite Books Love & Piece, The Anarchist and many more
Marital status Single

Sasha Grey is an exception in many ways. For one, she's the first adult performer under 20 to get her own portrait on this page, an honour that has so far only been bestowed upon veteran performers who have starred in so many movies that even they have lost count. This is in no way intended as a hand-out to this young American girl - it's the logical consequence of an exceptional career. As Sasha says on her official website: "There is not much to say about me. After all, I'm not dead yet. So we're still miles away from my complete biography."

At age 18, she started out in the porn industry. A mere two years later she has already made a name for herself and successfully created her own niche as a performer. In late 2006, she had a near-legendary appearance in FREAKY FIRST TIMERS, where she pretended to have had anal sex once before and that it had been a total disaster. She then promised to try it again in front of the camera. When she did, porn fans around the world could be heard applauding. As a result, she became an ORGAZMIK 'Eye-Catcher'. Needless to say, we (along with the rest of the porn world) have been following her career ever since.

Sasha's filmography (as well as her success) is growing continually. In early 2008, she had already starred in more than 100 movies. Whenever a new movie featuring Sasha Grey is announced, media representatives and fans alike prick up their ears. But why is that? How did this young girl become a reputable porn starlet in such a short time? And why her of all people? Well, her story is quickly told and not nearly as spectacular as that of some of her colleagues (i.e. no unhappy childhood, no model/dancer career gone wrong). Like most 'normal' girls, she had sex for the first time at age 16. A year later, she made up her mind to become a porn star. As soon as she turned 18 she entered the industry. And with equal determination she threw herself into her 'work', teaming up with none other than Rocco Siffredi for her first scene. The movie was called THE FASHIONISTAS and it won her an AVN Award for 'Best Group Sex Scene' in 2007. In said scene, Sasha challenged her male partner to punch her in the gut (which he refused to do, by the way). This penchant for rough action would later become her trademark. Sasha stresses that it is her goal to always push (and sometimes go beyond) her personal limits. This is evident in her performances. For example, when she's sucking cock, she isn't happy (or horny) until the cock is firmly wedged between her tonsils and her nose is touching her partner's belly. She also loves to get slapped in the face, choked, spat on and to do some spitting herself. Apart from satisfying her own needs, this rather extreme form of caress also catapulted her to cult stardom. And it won her the AVN Award for 'Female Performer of the Year', the highlight of her career so far.

With a career as explosive as one of her horizontal performances it is not surprising that Sasha would eventually come under attack from people who envied her success. The gossip generally centred around the assumption that she must be on drugs to do 'such things'. Sasha has always denied these allegations - although only half-heartedly. Maybe there is some truth to these rumours after all. More likely, though, she's too caught up in her career to worry about bad press. And between shoots she keeps herself busy by dabbling in experimental music with her band project 'ATelecine'.

Did you know that Sasha Grey . . .

... recommends that all women should fuck like bunnies?

... would love to meet everyone who promises to be a life-long fan?

... is extremely interested in 'Existentialism'?

... believes in true love?

... is interested in all kinds of fetishes...and C. G. Jung as well?

2010 XRCO Award Mainstream Adult Media Favorite
2010 AVN Awards The Jenna Jameson Crossover Star of the Year
2010 AVN Awards Best Oral Scene (THROAT: A CAUTIONARY TALE)
2010 AVN Awards Best Anal Scene (ANAL CAVITY SEARCH 6)
2009 XRCO Award Mainstream Adult Media Favorite
2008 AVN Awards Female Performer of the Year
2008 AVN Awards Best Oral Sex Scene (BABYSITTERS)
2007 Adultcon Top 20 Adult Actresses
2007 XRCO Awards Best New Starlet
2007 AVN Awards Best Three-Way Sex Scene (FUCK SLAVES mit Sandra Romain and Manuel Ferrara)

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