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Ron Jeremy

Screenshot from:
2001 AVN Awards

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Ron Jeremy as

Personal Data
Date of Birth 03/12/1953
Birth place Flushing, New York, USA
Height 165 cm
Penis size 9.6 inches
Siblings 1 brother, 1 sister (both vice-presidents in the advertising or hotel-industry)
Marital status Single

Next to Tom Byron there is hardly a more recognizable face in American porn than Ron Jeremy's. He is the mainstream-approved poster boy of the industry that nurtured his talents for more than two decades. The New York native has starred in more than 1700 adult flicks and has directed about 250 of them (including the notorious John Wayne Bobbitt vehicle "Uncut"). Thanks to his impressive manhood (close to 10 inches) Ron landed his first porn gig in 1978 after his girlfriend had sent a nude picture of his to Playgirl magazine. Pre-porn Ron had worked as an actor, high school teacher and waiter. As an actor he had secured roles in plays based on Nikolai Gogol's and Oscar Wilde's writings.

The Ron Jeremy of today is a far stretch from the well-built hunk that was pictured in Playgirl. Now he's a corpulent little figure who gets by with the occasional appearance in hardcore romps. Ron Jeremy has long ago become a cult figure, a living inside joke doomed to repeat the ultimate cameo role in numerous mainstream movies (e.g. "Ronin", "Detroit Rock City") and trashy B-flicks (e.g. "The Toxic Avenger Part 4") till the end of his days...

Did you know that Ron Jeremy . . .

... is a member of three actors' unions: Equity (stage actors), the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and AFTRA (TV union).

... knows lots of celebrities? Famous people like to have their photo taken with Ron (or vice versa): there are tons snapshots on Ron's website with the likes of Robin Williams, Axl Rose, Jim Carrey, Jay Leno and Samuel Jackson.

... can suck his own dick? This "auto-fellatio" technique can be seen in some of his movies. He discovered this quirk of nature when he was at summercamp as a teenager and bent down to tie his shoelaces ...

... was a technical advisor on "Boogie Nights" (directed by P.T. Anderson) and "9 Weeks" (starring Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger).

... in his slimmer days, was in 'Playgirl'-Magazine four times?

... has had Eddie Murphy do a hilarious stand-up rap on his auto-fellatio capability in the "Raw" show: "It's OK if Ron sucks his own dick. As long as he doesn't cum in his own face and don't fuck himself in the ass with his own dick. 'Cause that would definitely be gay!"

... studied theatre-sciences and pedagogics?

... was eternalized in 2001 in the documentary 'Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy'?

1991 AVN (Adult Video News) Awards Best supporting actor (video) (Playin' dirty)
1986 AVN (Adult Video News) Awards Best supporting actor (Candy Stripers 2)
1984 AFAA (Adult Film Association of America) Best Supporting Actor (All the Way in)
1983 AFAA (Adult Film Association of America) Best Supporting Actor (Suzie Superstar)

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