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Rodney Moore

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Rodney Moore as

Personal Data
Date of Birth May 9, 19??
Birth place Seattle/USA
Favourite Bands/Musicians The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Byrds, Frank Sinatra, Steely Dan, Todd Rundgren, Laura Nyro
Favourite Movies The Godfather, Donnie Brasco, A Hard Day's Night
Favourite Books Think and Grow Rich
TV Nip/Tuck, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under
Idols John Holmes, Errol Flynn, Don Knotts

AVN head honcho Paul Fishbein christened Rodney Moore the King of Cream – but to his female fuck buddies, he is simply known as ‘Rodney Blast’. The man does, after all, shoot cum all over them with the force of a fire hose. MONSTER FACIALS is one of Moore’s movies and he does his best to live up to the title with some incredibly impressive cum fountains that could make Peter North blanch! His fans not only love Rodney for his massive goofests, they also cherish the man’s penchant for prolonged oral sex scenes.

You could call Rodney a ‘gonzo pioneer’ but that wouldn’t exactly be true (although he would surely be flattered); Rodney’s real invention is P.O.V. porn, which he produced way before it became its own niche. He has always had a thing for short, weird storylines in his movies too. His last movies were all porn parodies, some of whihc (e.g. THE ADDAMS FAMILY, NIGHT OF THE GIVING HEAD) are highly impressive. Although he’s not famous for it, he does love hairy beavers and mature (sometimes chubby) women. Fans should watch the MILF AND HONEY, WHALE WATCHING and/or SEATTLE HAIRY GIRLS series to see another side of Rodney. SCALE BUSTIN BABES also counts among his lesser known series; it focuses on women with big natural tits. But his most famous and popular series remain the semen-dripping ones: CREME DE LA FACE, THE CUMM BROTHERS, GOO GIRLS and WE SWALLOW (formerly I SWALLOW).

According to the legend, Rodney Moore has beded more than 1,300 women in his career. Many of his on-screen partners only starred in a handful of scenes, some of them only in a single one. But Rodney also shared screen time with some bonafide porn stars. Fans still marvel at Rodney’s scene with Indian beauty Nadia Nyce or his amazing cum fountain that drenched black pearl Obsession in DIFFERENT STROKES 4 - DROOL JOB PLANET. German-speaking fans will also remember his scenes with German cum-whore Queeny Love. Many of his former screen partners agree that Rodney is a slightly grumpy but always lovable and funny co-star.

Rodney Moore (aka David John) has always kept his birth year secret. All we know is that he celebrates his birthday on the 9th of May. He grew up in Seattle where he still lives. In high school he was an oustider, a shy hippie who loved music. He was into The Beatles, The Rollings Stones and The Kinks. Although he plays various instruments, Rodney prefers the guitar. He spent most of his high school years in his room, listening to music and playing guitar. Rodney played in a number of bands and even produced two jingles for a local radio station. Then he tried to make a living as a sound engineer and even ended up working with Kenny G before he became famous. In 1980, Rodney produced two hit songs, 'Lets Hang On' and 'Keep On Talking’. His personal taste ranges from rock and folk to pop and dance music (e.g. Madonna).

In the early nineties, his music career began to flounder. After a personal crisis, he moved to Los Angeles where he worked for a telemarketing company to pay the bills. It is likely that he re-discovered his love for porn during that time. Back when he was a child, Rodney used to read his dad’s sex magazines and masturbate to porn while his parents were out working (he lost his virginity at the age of 18). Facials were his favourite thing even back then. In 1992, Rodney Moore began to record simple porno clips with amateur performers and tried to sell them. Producer Randy Detroit became his sales partner early on. He did the castings for Rodney, got him into contact with established labels and took care of the girls’ health checks and ID shots (to prove that they are of age). Rodney was in it for the fun and a little bit of money, but he quickly found the porn thing very intersting and eventually quite lucrative. He quit his job with the telemarketing company.

Rodney Moore started out producing movies for several labels before working exclusively for the Odyssey Group Video (which went bankrupt a while later). Rodney managed to salvage the rights to his movies (200 at the time) before the company went under. In 1997, he began setting up a number of paysites on the internet before founding his own company Rodnievision in 2000. Today, his movies are distributed exclusively by Exquisite Multimedia. In 2006, Rodney Moore was finally recognized as a porn pioneer and inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame.

Both in front of the camera and in his private life Rodney Moore likes to shag chubby girls with big natural breasts. In terms of pubic hair, Rodney personally prefers a well-groomed bush – somewhere between the fashionable clear-cut look and the classic jungle growth. He even likes some hair on the girls’ legs. He doesn’t care much for anal or violent fantasies, but he does love gushy facials. His motto still stands: No lover of facials will ever be disappointed by a Rodney movie! Needless to say, he sees nothing demeaning in a facial. It’s simply his own personal obsession to cum in a girl’s mouth or cunt. That’s where he gets his kicks. And most of the girls that work with him feel the same way about facials. Rodney Moore is the King of Cream, after all!

Did you know that Rodney Moore . . .

... Rodney bought his trademark red hat (which he wears in many of his movies) at a Chess King outlet in Seattle (a men's wear chain that has since gone out of business)?

2006 AVN-Award 'Hall of Fame'

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