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Rocco Siffredi

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Marquis de Sade

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Best of Rocco

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Personal Data
Date of Birth 05/04/1964
Birth place Ortona Mare, Italy
Height 6 ft. 2 in.
Hobbies Cinema, boxing, jogging
Penis-size Length: 9-14 inches, circumference: 2.7-5.5 inches (Measurements vary from source to source)
Marital status Married to Rosa (Hungarian). One son: Lorenzo (born 18 April 1996)

Italian stallion Rocco Siffredi is without a doubt porn's most popular male star today. He is known around the globe as "Rocco the Cocko" and more than 600 harcore movies have solidified his reputation as the leading man in contemporary porn. Few male actors in the biz have ever reached equal heights of acceptance and admiration in both Europa and the United States. In Italy and France Rocco is treated like a rock star: people recognize him in the street (although most of them think they remember him from some soap opera or other) and popular magazines hound him for pictures. In 1999 Rocco caused a stir when he acted in a cameo role in the mainstream drama "Romance" which was directed by Catherine Breillat. Rocco's huge rigid cock could be seen in one short shot and this obviously caused quite a stir and no small amount of outrage. In Breillats "Anatomie de l'enfer" (2004) he even got the male lead.

The legend had its roots in a quiet village in Southern Italy. At the age of 17 Rocco was a bored macho who fled his hometown with the idea of becoming a porn star. He settled down in Paris where he met famous Italian pornstar Gabriel Pontello in a nightclub for swingers. Pontello watched Rocco have sex with several women at once and decided to give him a chance. Rocco, who was into wild sex orgies even back then, got his first role in Ponatello's hardcore flick "Belle d'amour" at the age of 21. Some sources claim that Rocco had to bang Ponatello's girlfriend on his office desk to get the part...

Rocco didn't reach international superstardom until the early 90s when his friend John Stagliano cast him in the ground-breaking "Buttman" series. These days, Rocco is working primarily as a producer of big-budget porn epics that he finances through his company, 'Rocco Siffredi Productions'.

Did you know that Rocco Siffredi . . .

... has supposedly had sex with more than 3000 women in the ten years of his career in adult entertainment? This number excludes his numerous private sex affairs and relationships.

... started masturbating when he was only 9 years old?

... had to run off to the toilet to jerk off when he was doing his very first movie because he got so excited before they even started shooting the scene!?

... on average needs to have two orgasms a day during shoots?

1993 AVN (Adult Video News) Award Male Performer of the Year
1992 Hot d'Or Cannes Best Foreign Actor
1991 AVN (Adult Video News) Award Best Actor

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