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Nina Hartley

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Dynamic Vices

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Dynamic Vices

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Nina Hartley as

1442A Walnut
Suite 242
Berkeley, CA 94709

Personal Data
Date of Birth 03.11.1959
Birth place Berkeley, California (USA)
Height 168cm
Cup size 34C/D (not real)
Most important books As a teenager: "Sex For One" (Betty Dodson), "The Joy Of Sex" (Louis Comfort), "The Pearl" (Re-issue of a Victorian porn-magazine). And Playboy.
Marital status Married, swinger

The blue-eyed blonde Nina Hartley, born in 1959 under the name Marie Louise Hartmann, grew up with two older brothers and a younger sister in Berkeley, California. Always very shy and reticent she was still always thinking of sex. When she sneaked into a porn cinema during her high-school years, she became obsessed; from that moment on she wanted to be active in front of the camera. Her wish would come true and she did end up working with some performers (John Leslie, Paul Thomas, Jamie Gillis) from the film AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF FLEA, the movie which triggered young Marie's fantasies.

There can be no doubt that Hartley is a unique star in the porn biz, although it has gotten gone fairly quiet around her lately - but without losing any of her glamour. The trained nurse had her best times in the 80's and early 90's after her debut in EDUCATING NINA (1984, producer Juliet Anderson) and is mentioned in the same breath as other great names of the business. Asia Carrera for instance repeatedly crossed Nina's path (or rather their paths crossed in bed). During her career Nina Hartley took part in the incredible number of over 700 films (from 100% PURE PUSSY to YOUNG GIRLS IN TIGHT JEANS). This makes her an absolute top-scorer (in more than one sense) among female porn-stars. To the question of how she got into the porn biz she says: "In 1983 I started dancing. Not to make money, but to meet other bi-sexual women and to have fun." The next step towards porn came a year later when her ex-boyfriend met the producer Juliette Anderson at the supermarket and got chatting.

Officially Hartley hasn't entirely retired yet - she still takes on work, these days as "after mature", for certain productions. Like many other female stars she tried her hand at directing, although only for the very small number of 15 films. Hartley can often be seen in mainstream films too. Her most popular appearance was in STUDIO 54.

After a 20-year ménage-à-trois relationship Hartley got married to the director Ernest Greene (Adam and Eve, Bizarre/Gwen/Gothic) in July 2003. Very happily so, as she greatly respects his work and still loves to work with him (it's with Greene that she started making fetish-films) - but also because together they enjoy an active swinger-lifestyle. Despite withdrawing more and more from filming as such, Nina Hartley is very active and stands up for the rights and acceptance of pornography and their protagonists in front of and behind the camera. For a while now, Hartley has also been maintaining a name for herself with so called "GUIDE TO..."-films in which she gives instructions for a fulfilling sex-life. The films are on such subjects as masturbation, seduction, anal and oral sex or even S/M.

Did you know that Nina Hartley . . .

... had sex the first time at 18?

... is a member of both AVN & XRCO Halls of Fame?

... replies to the question what her religion is with "Atheist" and says that religion us just "organized superstition"?

... likes children - bu only if they're not her own?

... according to herself earns between 150'000 and 250'000$ verdient?

... likes Jazz, LORD OF THE RINGS, the TV-series Six Feet Under and history and biologie books?

... says about sex: "I've always loved to watch, to do it yourself, to help others, to have better one, to listen in when others are having it, and to lend a hand myself. I for one am never going to have bad one again. And it doesn't matter whether I wank someone in Helsinki or Ernest takes me up the ass.


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