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Nikky Andersson

Screenshot from:
Nikky Andersson (The Private Life Of)

Screenshot from:
Nikky Andersson (The Private Life Of)

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Nikky Andersson as

Personal Data
Date of Birth 03/01/1977
Birth place Hungary
Height 5 ft. 7 in.
Hobbies dancing, cars

Hungarian beauty Nikky Andersson (sometimes credited as 'Nikki Anderson') counts among the most famous girls of the illustrious 'Private' ensemble. Her blue movie career started with a bang in 1996, when Nikky was a 19 year old virgin and director Pierre Woodman popped her anal and vaginal cherry during a casting session for 'Private'. Prior to this, Nikky had only done some nude photo shoots.

After her on-camera defloration, Nikky starred in Woodman's big budget epic PYRAMID 3, for which she not only got to travel to Egypt but also to have sex with a woman for the first time in her life. Nikky's appetite had obviously been whetted by this foray into the world of hardcore porn and so she starred in several other 'Private' titles in quick succession: XXX FILES, SWEET LADY, THE FUGITIVE etc. In 1997, Andersson won the coveted 'Best European Starlet' award at the Hot d'Or show in Cannes, France, for her role in the movie SWEET LADY.

In the meantime Ms Andersson has retired from the biz, but wether Nikky is going to start a second career as proprietess of a beauty salon, as rumour has she had planned, is something one might have to read tea-leaves to find out about.

Did you know that Nikky Andersson . . .

... would love to convert a gay man to hetero-sex?

... 's favourite on-set experience was a gangbang that took place in a restaurant - featuring seven guys!

1997 Hot d'Or Best European Starlet

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