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Right from the beginnings of the Magma Film production company in the early 90's German director Nils Molitor worked alongside his father (who also used the name 'Moli') and helped make the firm one of the leading producers of sex-films in Germany.High professionality in film-making with a generous helping of technical perfectionism, from lighting to steady-cam and camera-crane moves, are all essential ingredients that make this juicy porn-dish "made in Germany" a true delicacy.

But what good would such an excellent crew be, if you were unable to get enough cute models? This is another department where Magma Film has built itself a reputation and proved that they've got an expert hand at and a gift for sniffing out new talents.

They discovered such treasures as actress Julia Channel. The French-Italian top model was discovered by Nils Molitor in the mid-nineties of the last century. Channel started with Magma Film in Essen, Germany, whose productions catapulted her to the olympus of the European porn business. Within a year, in 1996, she was on a plane to Los Angeles to continue her career overseas.

Working with Molitor is Klaus Goldberg, well known agent and 'model-hunter',owner of the X-Cast agency in Berlin. Goldberg, husband of Isabel Golden by the way, is renowned for his sixth sense for discovering new girls. Magma stars such as Anja Juliette Laval, Tyra Misoux and Susi Webstar and 'Berlinale' starlet Sibel Kekilli are (or were, in some cases) all members of this new generation of German models for the new millenium. Admired by hundreds of fans, causing upheaval in their pants and on their sofas.

Another novelty in the business is the alliance between production firm Blue One from Paris and Magma Film. A German-French sex-filmer's friendship. Their first project, entitled 8. SÜNDE (8th Sin) was published in Juli 2003 and is co-directed by Nils Molitor and French master-director Alain Payet.In 2005 Nils Molitor separetd himself from Magma Film GmbH and founded his own production company in Berlin called Kiez Film.

We managed to drag the always busy Moli away from a shoot to answer some of our questions.

Lenz14: What attracted you to the porn-business?
Nils Molitor: Nothing in particular, I didn't know the business. What I really like about it these days, is that when you produce your own porn, you get to realise your own ideas. I can, from story to execution, from lighting to camera work, influence and decide everything myself. You only get that kind of freedom in porn, well, maybe you get it if you make non-commercial movies.

L4: What bugs you most about the business and what would you change?
Moli: What bugs me most is the rapid turnover these days. Any movie we make is only good for about a month. These days it's not quality that counts (in most cases anyway), but quantity. Added to that I've got the feeling that there used to be more actors who valued taking part a good film. It was no problem finding people interested in making a good movie. Nowadays, when we shoot a more eloquent film, we always have to have so-called side-scenes, actors simply aren't interested to turn up for the odd day or so if they don't get an X-scene. And I'd like to change the pricing of movies, because if people were prepared to spend a little more on our products, we'd get more money coming in and would be able to raise the production standard.

L4: What's the difference between American and European productions?
Moli: I think the Americans have better 'actors' in front of their cameras. A lot of the time they also have larger budgets. But I think the quality is better in Europe. I don't like this obsession in American movies to show 'the perfect woman'. Then there's what's called Gonzo-movies, I reckon the Americans are going too far there recently. As far as I'm concerned violence against women has nothing at all to do with sex.

L4: What would you really like to do?
Moli: I'd really like to produce a movie without all the restrictions we usually face. Not having to continually worry about budget, deadlines and being able to use any music I fancy, copyrighted or not. To just make a movie in cinema quality.

L4: What advice would you give someone wanting to get into the porn business, behind or in front of the cameras?
Moli: You've got to love what you do, that's especially true in movies, porn or otherwise. If I look at what they're doing here in Germany recently. They've begun to advise unemployed people to become media-designers and such. I really think that's not going to work out, you have to want to work in film, it's got to be your idea,or dream, and not just do it 'cause there's no work elsewhere. I believe it's a job you can only do well if you're passionate about it.

Did you know that Moli . . .

... 's favourite band is Metallica and he really likes Eminem, even though the two styles don't really go together?

... 's favourite movie is FROM DUSK TILL DAWN?

... likes to read the Harry Potter books?

2002 Venus (Berlin) Best German director of the year
2001 Venus (Berlin) Special jury award
2000 Venus (Berlin) Best german director of the year

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