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Mike John

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Mike John as

Personal Data
Date of Birth January 17, 1966
Birth place Venice, California USA
Hobbies Surfing
Marital status Single

Along with Erik Everhard and, of course, Jules Jordan, Mike John (born January 17, 1966, in Venice, USA) was part of the unholy trinity that ruled over Jules Jordan Video. But Mike’s story begins much earlier.

In 1998 Mike John met the boys behind Anabolic’s legendary WORLD SEX TOUR. Since the crew was hanging out in Venice, Mike offered to help out. The boys immediately realized that Mike was more than just a fan and offered him the job of cameraman based on his evident skills. Needless to say, Mike lived up to their expectations. Gregg Allen, head honcho of Diabolic, offered Mike his first solo project: PANOCHITAS. The idea behind the series was to go to South America with a small crew and find (and fuck) lots of fresh-faced chicas. The job, however, proved quite difficult because South America is a very catholic continent and there was little or no help from other porn professionals (mostly because there weren’t any). Still, Mike John managed to shoot more than 10 episodes for Diabolic. Quite an achievement when you consider that it took a whole month just to shoot PANOCHITAS 2! Ultimately, Mike’s efforts paid off and the series turned into a smashing success. He might have been the first director in porn history to capture authentic Latinas having hardcore sex in front of a camera!

Meanwhile, Mike focused on his second pet project, the cum-drenched series DOWN THE HATCH. He never denied having been influenced by the King of Cream himself, Rodney Moore. Mike had always been a fan of cum-themed movies and an even bigger fan of Rodney’s oeuvre. He did, however, ditch the Rodney-style slapstick for DOWN THE HATCH. Instead he focused on sweet girls who like to swallow fresh semen without flinching. However, Moore’s influence can be seen in the P.O.V. style photography which was soon to become a Mike John trademark. Although it sounds unbelievable today, it took Mike a lot of time and energy to convince the producers of the effectiveness of this visual concept. Now everybody’s laughing on the way to the bank, of course, since DOWN THE HATCH turned into a proper sensation.

All of a sudden Mike had the reputation of a hit-maker. He took the reigns of Sean Michael’s UP YOUR ASS, a troubled anal series that had yet to find its audience. Under Mike’s tutelage the series managed to achieve something that had never been done before: it showed an African-American butt-fucking white girls. Earlier episodes had only featured white couples and black couples but no interracial mingling. Mike, however, focused on interracial anal sex and gave the lead role to cock monster Lexington Steele!

Later on, Mike helped get Khan Tusion’s ORAL CONSUMPTION series out of the line of fire. Tusion had already made headlines with ROUGH SEX and it took Mike a while to warm up to his new project. No matter how hardcore the sex in his movies is, it is never violent or misogynistic. While Khan Tusion obviously aims to unsettle his female performers, Mike just wants them to have a good time. Still, after some initial uneasiness with the subject matter, John managed to turn ORAL CONSUMPTION into a little gem - complete with rim jobs, toe-licking and everything else that gives pleasure to both sexes!

Although Mike couldn’t always score with individual episodes (no. 12 to 16) of Vince Vouyer’s LEWD CONDUCT, he created his first few masterpieces with his own series A PERVERTED POINT OF VIEW. P.O.V style sex was suddenly the flavour of the month - cooked up by Mike John, of course. He managed to capture every man’s dream: fast, uninhibited P.O.V. sex with a down-to-earth girl in a rundown hotel room. Far from run-of-the-mill skin flicks, the first few episodes of A PERVERTED POINT OF VIEW have even reached cult status among collectors.

In 2004, Mike John moved on to up-and-coming label Red Light District - like so many of his peers. Although his work for Anabolic and Diabolic was highly regarded, he felt that working for RDL would give him new inspiration. Two years later, there was a big row at RDL and a lot of directors left the label. But the beginnings were quite promising: the label had an excellent reputation for producing quality gonzo flicks (even the ORGAZMIK editors were blown away by them) and Mike John’s involvement was just one of the reasons for this. The flagship series was POV PERVERT; then followed four cum-happy series: NO CUM DODGING ALLOWED, SEMEN SIPPERS, SPERM RECEPTACLES and TEENAGE SPERMAHOLICS. The only misfire was SOUTH OF THE BORDER, an apparent successor to the legendary PANOCHITAS series. It looked like Mike John was just tired of all those Latinas... In any case, Mike John was the secret star of this young and ambitious label.

In 2006, everything went downhill. Mike John disappeared from sight and left both his peers and his fans wondering about his whereabouts. Maybe he was getting majorly pissed at the local brewery? Or maybe he was riding the waves on his favourite beach with a blond chick in his arm? A few weeks later all the speculations came to an end when Jules Jordan Video was founded and Mike John hired as its whizkid director-in-residence. At the same time, in May 2006, the interracial series RACIAL TENSION was announced. Mike had initially knocked on John Stagliano’s door (Evil Angel) but he then decided to go with JJV. The contract was more or less the same: a director sets up his own production company at the head label. Hence Mike John Productions was born. It was a win-win situation for everyone involved: Mike John had workaholic Jules Jordan as his distribution and administrative partner and Jules had one of the most coveted contemporary directors on board. For customers, JJV effectively turned into a one-stop shop that carried everything - from JJ’s high-end gonzo flicks (featuring posh nylon sluts) to Mike John’s no-frills P.O.V spectacles (starring girl-next-door types).

John was tired of being exploited by producers who didn’t care about the content of his movies. He was ready to go his own way! Most importantly, he didn’t want to spend his spare time being annoyed by someone. See, Mike John loves his spare time - and he needs lots of it. He hates it when the phone rings more than five times a day. He’s a real dude, likes to surf and drink. Shooting one or two movies a month is enough work for him. At this rate, there is no danger of him burning out any time soon!

Mike added more movies to the JJV canon: the boob series BOOBAHOLICS ANONYMOUS, the anal sensation ELASTIC ASSHOLES, a new cum spectacle called PRAISE THE LOAD as well as other projects like JERKOFF MATERIAL and PEEP SHOW.

While he has only ever received one AVN Award (for POV PERVERT 3 in 2005), independent critics have been showering him with accolades for a long time. For example the influential porn columnist ‘Rog’ gave him the 'Critic's Choice Award for Best Director'.

Mike John doesn’t get too excited about all his trophies. He praises performers like Sierra, Carmen Hayes and Missy Monroe and likes to give advice to those smart enough to listen to him. Here’s a recent tidbit: “Eye contact with the guys has been very important for the girls! There is an old hooker trick where you don't look at the guy because if you don't look at who you're fucking, then it won't register. I hate that. This isn't hooking, this is porn. We are building fantasies!”

Let’s hope that other directors (and performers) are listening...

Did you know that Mike John . . .

... that Mike only shot one movie without the help his fuck buddy Erik Everhard before 2004? It was TEENAGE SPERMAHOLICS 2 (Everhard just happened to be out of town).

2005 AVN (Adult Video News) Award Best POV release: POV PERVERT 3
2005 ORGAZMIK Award Best Film (Gonzo/All Sex): NO CUM DODGING ALLOWED 6
2007 ORGAZMIK Award Best Series: POV PERVERT

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