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Michael Ninn

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Michael Ninn as

Personal Data
Date of Birth 1951
Marital status Single (2 sons from an early marriage)

Publicity-shy director Michael Ninn catapulted modern-day porn into the digital age single-handedly. For journalists this excentric wonder-boy is a nightmare, his face never turns up in any of the magazines, nor does he ever appear in any 'behind the scenes' footage. Only very little is known about his person. Ninn's elaborate and costly masterpieces have added to the cult-status of this wizard of moving images. Insiders suspect that Ninn's past career as a TV director and ad designer with prominent companies is the reason for all this secrecy.

Just as enigmatic as he himself, is his extensive work. Ninn directed his first two porno movies in 1992: "TWO SISTERS" and "PRINCIPLES OF LUST". This was a very important step for Ninn, privately as well as professionally. Three years earlier his wife had divorced him. By the way, both his sons from that marriage, Dino and Earl, are in the jiz biz themselves today. But before Ninn was to shoot his first movies, he worked as an art director for a well-known New York ad agency - at the age of 17! He also directed music videos for the record company Capitol Records before moving to the west coast to try his luck as a TV director business when he was 21.

His first two movies were both done for Western Visuals. In 1993 Ninn signed with VCA who promised him bigger budgets and prettier girls for his movies. His commercial as well as artistic breakthrough followed in 1994 with the visually stunning masterpiece "SEX". One year later Ninn wowed his audience and critics again with the mind-blowing "LATEX" and its award-winning sequel "SHOCK". This high-tech trilogy revolutionized porn and established new standards of technical excellence and originality in the industry. Ninn's utopian fantasies are technically on a par with most mainstream movies. They are beautifully lit, sport excellent production values and make frequent use of cutting-edge technology, such as computer-generated images (CGI) and are of course studded with pretty girls.

In 1997 it was clear that only Ninn could outdo Ninn. That year, with "NEW WAVE HOOKERS 5" Ninn once again caused a minor revolution in the American porn empire and as a result swept every awards show there is. Although Ninn shoots on professional video and not on film anymore these days, his futuristic visions have lost none of their power or eroticism. His movie "PERFECT" (Hustler) is a big-budget hardcore feature with many state-of-the-art 3D computer-animations la MATRIX. From 2003 he produced production line flicks coming from his own "film factory" called Ninn Worx. The majority of this company was bought by Spearmint Rhino in 2007. One year later Ninn got into a fight with them and was forced to leave.

Did you know that Michael Ninn . . .

... is a great admirer of scandalous author Anais Nin and has derived his surname from hers?

... grew up in a very strict orphanage because his mother was only 15 years old and not able to look after him when he was born?

... counts porn visionaries Robert McCallum, Rinse Dream and Gregory Dark among his idols?

... when he's at home, likes to watch the "Discovery Channel" all day long?

... likes to be quoted? Our favorite Ninn quotes are: "I package and sell sex as Madison Avenue would present one of their products" and "I am a priest of the digital age. I am here to juice up your dreams."

2000 AVN (Adult Video News) Award Best Video (DARK GARDEN)
2000 AVN (Adult Video News) Award Best Special Effects (CASHMERE)
2000 Hot D'Or Best US Director (RITUAL)
1997 AVN (Adult Video News) Award Best Art Direction, Best Special Effects, Best Videography, Most Outrageous Sex Scene (SHOCK)
1996 AVN (Adult Video News) Award Best Director (LATEX)
1995 AVN (Adult Video News) Award Best Film, Best Group Scene (SEX)

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