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Max Hardcore

Screenshot from:
Hardcore Schoolgirls 7

Screenshot from:
Hardcore Schoolgirls 7

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Max Hardcore as

Personal Data
Date of Birth 1959
Birth place Racine, Wisconsin, USA

Max Hardcore (aka Max Steiner) has polarized the porn community like no other director before him. Some worship him as adult's greatest director while others think of him as a world-class misogynist. Rough anal sex and throat-fucking with very young girls are the key elements of his movies. He likes to dress up his performers as teenagers, complete with lollipops and ponytails. Max's name is programmatic: Maximum Hardcore is the claim and that's exactly what you get in the 400 movies he's shot so far! According to Max, the women always know what awaits them when they perform in his flicks. His fans love the way Max verbally abuses the girls, skull-fucks their brains out and shoots them full of cum. One of his cameramen once pointed out that half of the scenes he has shot for Max have ended with the girls either crying, bleeding or vomiting. But so far, none of his performers have ever sued Max. Most of them actually seem to get a kick out of Max's taste for rough sex.

Born Paul Little, in 1959, Max was raised in Racine, Wisconsin, as the fifth of six kids. His father operated a small advertising agency. As a kid, Paul was hyper-active and aggressive. He got into a lot of fights at school, so his parents put him on medication. His early years were spent in a Catholic school. After high school he worked in construction and fashion fotography. He also produced several short segments for an adult video magazine. In 1992, Max hit the jackpot with THE ANAL ADVENTURES OF MAX HARDCORE", the series that made him famous. Later in the year Max launched the infamous CHERRY POPPERS-series which is still very popular. Max wanted to make exceedingly kinky sex-fantasies come true that couldn't be seen anywhere else. So he dressed up his girls (all over 18) as teenagers, with ponytails and lollipops and made them behave like little kids. The American decency commisions were obviously not too happy with CHERRY POPPERS. For a long time, Max way forbidden to advertise with the allegedly 'minor' performers. Despite (or maybe because of) this, the series became a continual success. Max started his company "Filmwest Productions" (up to this point Zane Entertainment had distributed his movies) and produced further sucessful series: MAX, MAX WORLD, HARDCORE SCHOOLGIRLS, MAXED OUT and ANAL AUDITIONS.

Together with John "Buttman" Stagliano Max has revolutionized the porn industry. His were the first movies to feature anal sex in every scene, he essentially made anal part of the standard package. But these days, the political climate has changed:Upon the election of George W. Bush as president the adult industry stepped on the brakes. Insiders fear that the goverment might be planning a crackdown on hardcore movies, especially on titles that feature rough sex. "Legend Video" for instance have dropped the , who used to distribute some of Max's titles, have dropped the MAX WORLD-series from their program. Pornography of Max Hardcore's ilk is at present on the republicans black-list. The latest we heard was that Max said he might have to resort to distributing his movies himself in future ...

Did you know that Max Hardcore . . .

... sent performer Pamela Dee to the emergency room at a hospital in Burbank after she suffered vaginal haemorrhaging during a shoot in 1992? Max had come up behind her and rammed his fist into her vagina.

... also roams the biz under the names of Max Steiner, Max Little, Sam Smythe, Video Paul and Rex Reamer?

... had a brief cameo appearance in Trey Parker's satiric take on the porn industry, ORGAZMO (1997)? Parker is the creator of the hit-series SOUTH PARK.


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