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Marilyn Chambers

Screenshot from:
Behind the Green Door

Screenshot from:
Behind the Green Door

Screenshot from:
Behind the Green Door

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Marilyn Chambers as

Fan Club Five K Sales
1122 White Rock
Dixon, IL 61021-9049

Personal Data
Date of Birth 04.22.1952
Birth place Westport, Connecticut, USA
Height 170 cm
Cup size 35B
Starsign Taurus
Marital status divorced three times

The classic path to a career in the porn business. Marilyn grew up in Westpourt, Connecticut and began to dream of a career in acting during her school days. The pretty young girl got some work in advertising (her father was in PR), among other things commercials for shampoo and coke, later for washing powder. But this employer sacked her instantly when he found out that the young lady worked in porn too - but we'll get to that later.

Chambers, or rather still Briggs, actually managed to get a (albeit small) role in a movie. In the comedy THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT she played beside Barbra Streisand. Her short career in 'proper' movies quickly came to an end when Marilyn replied to an ad by Jim und Artie Mitchell in 1972. The two quickly came clean about the kind of films they were making. The curious young lady was lured by the money and signed up for the shoot of a pornographic movie.

This first movie made history: BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR turned out to be a blockbuster (with a mini-budget of $60000 they made over 25 Million Dollars) and has ever since been considered to be on a par with the classic DEEP THROAT. Just like it it caused a storm of outrage. In the film Chambers is kidnapped off the street and gets raped in some weird theater by several men and women. This was the moment when her picture got taken off the washing powder boxes she had modeled for three years previously, at the age of 18.

After a further two massively successful porductions with the Mitchell Brothers, RESURRECTION OF EVE and INSIDE MARILYN CHAMBERS (this title became the template for hundreds of other productions by the name of INSIDE ... with later porn stars) madame was already fed up with the business in 1976 and decided to quit. During the next four years she bounced back and forth between the music and film biz, among other things the played in David Cronenberg's horror movie RABID, in stage productions in Las Vegas and recorded an single with the country band Haywire. In 1980 Chambers found her way back to the porn biz and appeared in successful productions and was even arrested for prostitution during a performance at the strip club O'Farrell Theater in San Francisco during a performance in 1985. Her comment back then: "I don't even take tips - so how's this prostitution!?"

Until the end of the 80's there followed many soft and hardcore films, some very successful, and then she quit again. In 1999 came another surprise: reentering the biz with new productions: STILL INSATIABLE and two more: DARK CHAMBERS and EDGE PLAY. After her definite (?) retirement in 2002 at the age of 50 (!) - just when everyone thought they'd surely not be hearing from the lady for a long while, she dropped another bomb and stood for US-vice presidency. With the avid support of her party "Personal Choice Party". Among others their slogan for Chambers was: "Basketball had Babe Ruth and Ty Cobbs. Rock'n'Roll had Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry. Television had Milton Berle and Jack Benny. The adult industry (...) has the brightest star in a galaxy of bright stars (...)." Modesty is a virtue after all. Together with her election partner Charles Jay she did get the respectable amount of 1% of votes in Utah. Be it how it may, Marilyn Chambers is a cult-figure and has played a big part in establishing porn in the western culture and breaking down some of the taboos around it.

Did you know that Marilyn Chambers . . .

... was played by Tracy Hutson in 2000 in the film RATED X?

... is among the Top 100 sex stars of the 20th century according to Playboy?

... was even assigned to the top10 by "Adult Video News"?

... wrote two books: "Marilyn Chambers: My Story" and "Xaviera Meets Marilyn Chambers" (together with co-author Xaviera Hollander)?


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