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Linda Lovelace

Screenshot from:
Inside Deep Throat

Screenshot from:
Inside Deep Throat

Screenshot from:
Inside Deep Throat

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Personal Data
Date of Birth 01.10.1949
Birth place New York, USA
Marital status Twice divorced, deceased 22.04.2002

If you're thinking DEEP THROAT, you have to think Linda Lovelace too. Even after her death on April 22nd 2002 her name is still well known. The woman behind the name is, rightfully so, considered to have been the first true "porn-star". In the ground-breaking hardcore film by director Jerry Gerard from 1972 she, together with Harry Reems played the starring role. The fact that Miss Boreman was able to insert male members extraordinarily deeply down her throat (and didn't mind doing so publicly) is what her global renown was built on. And that was it, well almost. She was determined to bring to the public's eye the facts from behind the shiny facades.

Linda's life took a course which could not have been more dramatic or more classical: She grew up in an impoverished district of New York, went to catholic school and was repeatedly abused by her father, a New York Police Department cop who whipped and beat her. At the age of 19 she gave birth to her first child which her mother quickly gave away to be adopted.

Shortly after this she met and then married Chuck Traynor, a huge and significant step. Traynor was no better than her father and continued the physical and mental abuse. He was less interested in her love than in her body. He drugged her, forced her to have sex and prostitute herself and began - with financial support by the Sicilian Mafia - to shoot the first short porn-movies with her. DOG FUCKER was one of them and it contained exactly what the title says: sex with a dog.

Her career's (seeming) culmination was the well-known shoot of the porn-classic DEEP THROAT. With a very modest budget of only $25.000 they created an only 62-minute film which ended up opening many doors for future productions: the then still existing censorship was pulverized and pornography was lifted from the swamp of illegality. The masses flooded to the cinemas to consume the utterly uninhibited sex being shown on the big screen. The story-line simple but effective: Linda's doctor discovers that she can't feel lust during normal intercourse but only during oral sex - because her clitoris is located deep down her throat. The film made an amazing 600 million Dollars at cinemas.

That not all that glitters is gold, Boreman - better known as Linda Lovelace - decided to show years later when she decided to make her fate public. She gave scores of talks and also published her autobiography 'Ordeal' in which she tells all; how she was repeatedly drugged and forced into shooting by threat of violence. In DEEP THROAT she says she was raped on camera while her husband Chuck Traynor was on the set with a gun to prevent her escaping.

To this day there's disputed about whether Boreman's accusations are true in all detail. She didn't simply stop shooting porn but changes sides drastically. As vehement opponent of the sex-industry she was very aggressive towards anyone who played a part in her plight. But neither acknowledgment nor accusations of lying are of any concern to her now. In the early morning of April 3rd 2002 she was the victim of a severe car accident. Two weeks later, her two children decided to turn off all life support as the chances of recovery very virtually non-existent due to her severe brain and internal injuries. Her ex-husband Larry and her two children were with her when she died.

Did you know that Linda Lovelace . . .

... had a cat by the name of Adolf Hitler?

... was even in Frank Sinatra's living room? Sinatra owned a copy of the film and showed it to his guests. rumour has it that among them were such people as the Vice President Spiro T. Agnew and Sammy Davis Jr.

... was the reason the term "Linda Syndrome" was coined? It means the denial of having had a career in porn after having ended it.

... made her former colleague Al Goldstein into a bitter enemy? Goldstein after hearing of her death: "I'm glad she's dead! I'd love to ejaculate down her throat one more time and then my jizz would go to hell with her."

... besides her autobiography also wrote THE TRUTH ABOUT DEEP THROAT? As well as the documentary INSIDE DEEP THROAT it is very popular at present.

... married her second husband Larry Marchiano 1974, had two children with him and then, in 1996, after 22 years of marriage, divorced him - but they remained good friends ever after?

... said this about herself: "I look in the mirror and I look happier than I've ever been in my life. I'm not ashamed of my past, or sad. What people think is no real. I look in the mirror and I know that I've survived."


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