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Laura Angel

Screenshot from:
Italian Flair

Screenshot from:
China Box

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Laura Angel as

Personal Data
Birth place Czech Republic
Height 5.5
Marital status married

A picture might say more than a thousand words, but it can also be very misleading at times. For example Laura Angel's she-devil picture. In it, the hot-blooded Czech looks as if she was the patron saint of the fetish-scene. Which isn't quite true. She doesn't mind shooting the odd fetish-movie, but only if the producers put great emphasis on aesthetics and a classy cast. Privately fetish-gear is hardly Laura's cup of tea.

Aside from this, her private life and her job have many points in common. Because other than many of her work-colleagues she didn't wash up in the porn-biz in her youth, but jumped in from an inner urge. When Laura Angel is in a movie, she really wants to be there - and therefore reliably delivers great and hefty 'works'. Already a married mother, Laura Angel entered the business at the end of the 90's after her divorce, when she got into contact with porn via a new, experiments-loving lover. And she was as big a hit as an ass-dive at the swimming-baths. Especially for anal-filmers such as Christoph Clark she must have seemed a gift from heaven, as her name suggests. Meanwhile Miss Angel has remarried and lives in France, while her closest relatives in in the Czech Republic.

As suddenly as Laura Angel got into the porn-biz, as suddenly will she likely dissapear again, once she's had enough of fucking on-camera. To continue her career as director is not what she wants, because she wouldn't want to have to deal with the cast all the time. This could be a hint towards the fact that Miss Angel doesn't consider herself easy to deal with. Working with Antonio Adamo seems not to have been a piece of cake, seen as the CLEOPATRA-director isn't renowned to be a very emphatic character, nor a particularly speedy shooter. The 'most famous eye-brows' in the porn-biz' wishes for the future are humble: Health and happiness for her loved ones and herself. We wish her the same from the bottom of our hearts.

Did you know that Laura Angel . . .

... likes dildoes, but not vibrators?

... doesn't watch porn, because she reckons they're only for men?

... likes girls as much as boys, but is emotionally attracted by blokes?


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