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Laetitia Zappa

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Dolce Vita Hotel

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Robin Hood

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Personal Data
Date of Birth 06.08.1974
Birth place St. Moritz, Switzerland
Height 182 cm
Hobbies Sports, reading, dogs, travel and laughing
Marital status Single

It's a well-known fact, Switzerland is much too small to bring forth true stars and heroes. And it is therefore not surprising that there hardly ever is any true scandal to shake up this little country in the middle of Europe. But still, sometimes Helvetic morals are shook up; only a little sometimes, but heavily at others - mostly the scream of outrage that can be heard is caused by naked skin or even sex. This happened on a perfectly ordinary evening of Swiss TV in 1996. The TV-guides had announced a documentary, but it turned out to be "Heidi im Pornoland", a bomb-shell for this neutral country. A then 22 year-old woman from the mountains innocently talked about her becoming a porn actress; and said she did not in the least regret having done so. Her tale was graphically illustrated with footage showing her having sex with a range of men. Shocking! Switzerland was no longer the chaste and innocent place it was reputed to be, here too the decay of morals and manners abounds.

These days it's gone quiet around Laetitia, and we know little more about her than we did nine years ago - and it seems the same for her too. After a few months in the business and about twenty more or less successful productions the hype was over. People still turn their heads when she passes (or her twin sister who really does look exactly like her), but the former glamour is gone. Now she suns herself in the glory of working for a bar in Zurich. Therefore there isn't much being added to the 40-page autobiography attempt, the manuscript has been languishing in a safe place for a while now.

When asked how she got to be in porn-movies these days, Laetitia claims she cannot remember. It just somehow happened. Fact is, and her sister corroborates this, that she had a crush on Italian superstar Rocco Siffredi. The end of her career was obviously linked to Rocco leaving her. It can't have been true love for him in any case, he has in the past delighted around 3000 other women. What he did leave Laetitia with, is an extraordinarily large anal 'gateway' - or like MMV says: "Europe's hottest asshole".

Did you know that Laetitia Zappa . . .

... remembers her first kiss and her first sex as horrible?

... was horizontally active under the pen-names Shalimar and Cheyenne as well?

... has a faible for porn-actress Gina Wild because she doesn't 'pretend'?

... has chosen NEVER SAY NEVER TO ROCCO SIFFREDI as her personal favourite movie?

... thinks Paris Hilton is great?

... met Rocco again for the first time in years at the Extasia 2005 erotic fair in Zurich


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