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Katja Kassin

Screenshot from:
Ass Addiction

Screenshot from:
Ass Addiction

Screenshot from:
Ass Addiction

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Personal Data
Date of Birth 24. September 1979
Birth place Leipzig, Germany
Height 153 cm
Favourite Food Sushi, Haagen Dazs-Caramel Cone Ice Cream
Favourite colour Blue
Favourite Music depending on mood, from industrial to classic
Favourite Bands Rammstein, The Prodigy
Favourite Actor Bruce Willis
Favourite Actress Franka Potente
Favourite TV-Series CSI Miami, Dirty Jobs
Favourite Animal Cat
Favourite Position Reverse Cowgirl ('cause it looks best for the camera, privately she likes to turn around)
Marital status divorced

Nope, Katja is not a girl who fled from Eastern Germany to the USA and there ended in the hands of pornographers. Even if that would be a great start to a best-selling autobiography. These are the facts: Katja Kassin is originally from the Eastern German city of Leipzig, and she really is a porn actress. But her way there is much less dramatic than the reader might wish. For one because Kassin has found her way across the water a long time after the Berlin Wall fell. In March 2003, a full 14 years after that historic event she set foot in the USA for the first time - 1 1/2 years later, in November 2004 she emigrated permanently. Not what you'd call fleeing, but with great plans for her future.

You could say that Kassin's career in porn started in the classic way: She first did some jobs as a nude model and there met the German star Dru Berrymore. It was her who told her that you can make a lot more money shooting porn in the US than you can in Germany - and shortly after Katja had her plane ticket to L.A. With very clear aims of course. At 24 the German came to porn relatively late and her life could have taken a very different course. With her University degrees in Politics and germanistics many paths were open to her but she had other ideas.

But the newbie performer shot her first scene after getting back from Los Angeles in Germany in May 2002. The shoot was a test to find out if sex on camera was really her thing. After this little appetizer she quickly progressed to the main course. Dru Berrymore introduced her to the right people and the porn career of the Eastern German girl took off quickly. After several more short trips to the USA she decided to move to the gold-digger town L.A..

That no red carpet would be rolled out for her soon became clear to the petite beauty. "Sometimes the producer thinks you're too short, too fat, too thin, too flat-chested and sometimes just not pretty enough." But Kassin didn't let the many negative experiences get her down but believes that she was getting stronger and stronger. In any case, her remarkable butt has long since become her trademark and the true connoisseur loves her for her excessive anal sex. Even deep-throats and double-penetrations are not off limits to her, she does both with obvious joy and passion.

According to Kassin, her family knew about her job right from the start and didn't mind. She was old enough to make her own decisions and she had never liked being told what to do in any case. Asked how long she could imagine herself in the business she simply replies: "As long as my fans want to see me." Right now, after around 400 productions there's no en to her career in sight. But even then she is unlikely to retreat from the sex-business entirely but might take a seat in the director's chair. Her fans will thank her and are surely looking forward to everything the most successful German, mayhap even European export, comes up with in the future.

Did you know that Katja Kassin . . .

... that her original hair colour is brown but that she has died her hair ever since she was 12?

... that she calls her two younger siblings (brother & sister) 'kids'?

... that her first job was at an ice-cream parlour in Leipzig and she earned only 5 Deutschmarks per hour?

... that she likes sex in the bedroom best because she's always worried about getting caught when doing it in public?

... that she doesn't care about "the size"? "Men with small dicks can be very creative and men with big dicks very boring."

... that she likes men in uniform?

2006 AVN Award Best Solo Sex Scene (ANAL SHOWDOWN, Evil Angel)
2006 XRCO Award Orgasmic Analist
2004 Venus Award Jury Award
2003 Adam Film World Award Actress of the year

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