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Johnni Black

Screenshot from:
Shut Up and Blow Me!

Screenshot from:
Shut Up and Blow Me!

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Johnni Black as

Personal Data
Birth place Chicago, Illinois, USA
Height 165 cm
Hobbies scuba-diving, climbing, bungee-jumping and other extreme sports

Johnni Black's career path sounds almost as exciting (and sometimes as unbelievable) as many of the onscreen adventures she had in the almost 300 porn-movies she starred in. After graduating in psychology at the University of Illinois, Johnni (aka Laura) joined the US army in 1990. She served as a paratrooper and field medic during Operation Desert Storm, attaining the rank of captain. It was in the army that she met her future husband David a drill instructor (and very much into the 'wife-swapping thing). Johnni and David got married in October 1995. In the spring of 1996 she left the armed forces.

Shortly afterwards she came to Los Angeles the first time, where her exibitionistic tendencies got her into to the porn-biz. Always a free-spirited exhibitionist, Johnni had already made six adult movies while she was still in the army, but they could only be released once she had quit service. In the summer of 1996 the couple took up permanent residence in Los Angeles.

David henceforth acted as her manager and together they set up the company "Johnni Black Productions (JB Productions)". David's insistence on being with Johnni at all times during her scenes resulted in a lot of conflicts with producers, directors, and crew. In the end, this led to the couple's divorce in April 2000. According to the fairly accurate porn database 'Rame.Net' blonde Black retired from porn in 2002.

Did you know that Johnni Black . . .

... is a die-hard Chicago Bulls fan?

... dreams about owning a Corvette one day?

... is deeply into Native American religion and spirituality.

... 's relationship to her parents is shaky since the day an anonymous letter informed them of their daugher's "profession"?


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