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John Thompson

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John Thompson as

Personal Data
Date of Birth 1946
Hobbies Girls, money and motors

There's no doubt that he's one of the most controversial as well as successful porn directors in Europe: John Thompson from Munich (Germany). Before he founded his own production firm 'John Thompson Productions' in 1997 he worked as a director and cameraman with the German label 'Puaka' (among others the film DER KONSUL is ascribed to him). The major characteristics of a John Thompson film are getting-out-of-hand sperm-games (cumswapping for example), merciless facials, and squirts of multiple men on the face of one actress ('Bukkake') or straight into her mouth ('Gokkun'). Secondly rough anal sex and lesbian practises take a central role. The cast in John Thompson films often are German amateurs or newcomers form Europe. Only rarely are there better known actresses present. But John Thompson has helped several actresses such as Annette Schwarz or Maren Beautte to an international career; and the legendary Betty G. even became kind of cult.

The first and best know series by John Thompson must be 'GGG' (meaning something like 'German Goo Girls'). The first edition came out in 1998 the 'GGG'-film DIE SPERMADEMÜTIGUNG. In recent years there are also his series '666', 'John Thompson', 'Sexbox' and the most recent publications 'MM' (meaning: 'Mädchenmund' girls' mouth). The ranges of series have different focal points but are basically produced for a similar kind of audience. While there are only minute differences to be made out between 'GGG' (subject: sperm) and 'John Thompson' (subject: hardcore) usually in the quality of the cast, the other series differ in a range of points. '666' is mainly aimed at lovers of 'golden showers' (Urophilia)', while in 'Sexbox' there's also a component of s/m (the later two series are illegal in Switzerland and have caused many a blush and controversy even in Germany: 'Sexbox 15' for instance was confiscated). In the latest series 'Mädchenmund' there are mainly teenagers to be seen (the producer assures that the girls are not minors) in action in rough stories.

While John Thompson, who in the 70’s allegedly had connections to Rainer Werner Fassbinder, has greatly influenced American directors such as Brandon Iron or Mike John, here in Europe he is much maligned and criticised. Not only do many reproach his coarse style as being misogynistic, among many colleagues ‘Uncle John’ is like a red rag too. Despite, or maybe because of his very special positioning do the works of John Thompson find a big market and lively interest. Although Thompson films are tailored for a male audience there are some women who like his gloomy aesthetic. The popularity of his films might be due in part to the fact that he shows sexuality with an incomparable directness, showing it in all its animal un-prettiness. This is possibly attractive as it is considered unacceptable by society. Through consumption of his movies actions deemed intolerable can be experienced. Pandora’s box still works!

There’s hardly another porn production company around which there are so many legends as 'GGG Filmproduktion und Vertrieb e.k.' in Munich. When the talk gets to claiming mafia-like methods many of the stories drift off into the land of fantasy. Of course it is often not unjustified when Master Thompson on set is called an authoritarian squealer, but on which set (even for a TV or mainstream production) sis there never any raised voices? And in order to run a fuck-machine like 'GGG' reasonably smoothly you do have to get loud on occasion! One thing’s for sure: John Thompson generally treats his actresses fairly. Usually his future actresses reply to adverts in the papers looking for girls to do photo-shoots in underwear. At these shootings (www.john-thompson-models.com) Thompson by means of a questionnaire checks whether the girls might be interested in taking more intimate photographs or go even further (for instance Annette Schwarz). Maybe some girls might be tempted by the sign '1250 Euro in 8 hours' which hangs on a wall in the entrance area of the studio? Then again there are girls like Cissie and Marina who work as prostitutes besides their film-careers. In the past John Thompson used to hire discos and clubs like the 'Shockers' (later 'The Doom') for his shoots, but since the move to the Leopoldstrasse 82 (in the building of the ‘Skyline') he shoots on his own premises. At a shoot with 'JT' there are usually several girls (among them some newcomers as well as actresses with exclusive contracts) who are often first interviewed by the director John Thompson and then ploughed and thoroughly slobbered by hired fucks such as Ronny Rosetti and Dirc Dandy. Later faceless amateur studs get to add their juices too (of course only after thorough checks of their HIV- and Hepatitis-tests). In the earlier days the amateurs had to pay for this privilege, these days it is free. After all, John Thompson isn’t just an ingenious porn-filmer he’s also got a good head for business!

There’s only very little information available to the public about the private life of John Thompson. On the one hand he’s said to be a lovable and funny, on the other hand he’s considered to be a frightening control-freak. The technical standard of his films does suggest that he enjoyed a sound education in film and photography. In the streets of Schwabing John Thompson is known as a passionate 'Bentley' driver and rumour has it that he has good contacts to the German biker club 'Gremium MC' (or rather the pictures in his office suggest such – to be seen in the film SÜSSE 18 UND SCHON SPERMAGEIL).

Did you know that John Thompson . . .

... that the comedians 'Erkan & Stefan' shot some 'voll krasse' shoots for their show with 'John Thompson'?

... that he published the documentary WIR HABEN UNS NICHT GETRAUT which is about girls who as the title says didn't dare?

... he was scientifically honoured in the year 2000? The American O. Geoffrey composed a scientific study for the University of Oregon about the films of John Thompson under the title 'A Circular Key: The Material Paradigm of Consensus in the Works of John Thompson and GGG'.

... that he has nothing to do with the gay film PASSING STRANGERS of 1974, but that he did once produce a gay-title GERMAN GOO BOYS (www.gay-cum-shot-orgy.com)?

2005 Venus Berlin E-line Award 'Best Director Germany'

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