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Ginger Lynn

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Personal Data
Date of Birth 14/12/1962
Birth place Rockford, Illinois, USA
Height 162 cm
Marital status Single

At 19, Ginger Lynn finished Rockford West High School in Illinois and went to California to live with her grandfather. She operated the Musicland in Redlands for some years, while living in a trailer park. To earn some additional money she started to pose nude for Penthouse and Hustler. In 1984 she made her first hardcore appearance in SURRENDER IN PARADISE, a movie that was shot in Hawaii. The prospect of earning 1'000 - 1'500 US-Dollars a day had lured this young blonde vixen into the most ruthless hardcore movie business of the world...

In the following two years Ginger starred in nearly 70 adult movies. She became the most popular porno starlet of the 80's. During that time, only Traci Lords could rival her popularity. But Traci's was due to the fact that she was underage and performing hardcore sex in movies. The ensuing crackdown on the porn industry didn't spare Ginger either, since she had starred alongside Traci in several films. Ginger was charged with the seduction of a minor and had to spend several weeks in prison for refusing to testify in court. In 1986 Ginger officially called it quits and left the industry.

After her early retirement Ginger went into drug rehab because of her cocaine habit (she had been on coke for the most part of '85 - '88). The once so popular porn icon spent the next few years starring in no-budget mainstream fare like DR. ALIEN, VICE ACADEMY and HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD. Every now and then she managed to catch a bit part in less exploitative fare, like Ken Russell's WHORE (1991, starring Theresa Russell), YOUNG GUNS 2 (1990) and an episode of the hit-series NYPD BLUE (1993). While in Arizona for YOUNG GUNS 2 she met Charlie Sheen, brother of the YOUNG GUNS lead actor Emilio Estevez. Sheen, after some high-profile lead roles in PLATOON and WALL STREET, had seen better times at this point in his career (the media had him tied to their whipping post for his excessive drug and alcohol abuse). He and Ginger connected instantly. The two of them were a couple for the next two years.

In 1999, after more than 10 years of "retirement", Ginger made the headlines again: even though she had bashed the porn industry in the past, she decided to step in front of the camera again to do TORN, a hardcore feature directed by Veronica Hart. The movie was a big success on video, as were her subsequent post-comeback vehicles, WHITE LIGHTNING and NEW WAVE HOOKERS 6 and LOVE BULLETS. One thing seems sure: Ginger is back again! Besides she shows her dressed butt in mainstream productions like AMERICAN PIE PRESENTS BAD CAMP (2005) where she plays a nurse or in Rob Zombie's serial killer drama THE DEVILS REJECTS (2005).

Today, Ginger Lynn lives in Woodland Hills, California.

Did you know that Ginger Lynn . . .

... released two erotic exercise videos after her initial retirement from porn: GINGER LYNN'S SUPERBODY and LINGERIE GALLERY?

... Besides several small roles in mainstream feature films, has also starred in the interactive CD-ROM adventure game WING COMMANDER 3?

... 's bit part in Blake Edwards' SKIN DEEP unfortunately ended up on the cutting room floor? Allegedly, Edwards and his wife (actress Julie Andrews) were big fans of Ginger's early hardcore films. Says Ginger: "Imagine! Mary Poppins liked my movies!"

2001 AVN Award Best Actress (TAKEN)

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