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Naughty College School Girls 16

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Flesh Hunter 7

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Trained Teens

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Gauge as

Personal Data
Date of Birth 07/24/81
Birth place Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA
Height 150 cm
Hobbies Travelling, fishing (Sharks)
Marital status married

Gauge is from Arkansas and was born on July 27th 1981. Because of her difficult childhood, she started to use tranquilisers (Xanax) more and more frequently during puberty and became addicted. Shortly after, at the tender age of 18 she and her boyfriend Mojo began working in porn-movies. The young couple's debut was in Ed Powers "MORE DIRTY DEBUTANTES 129" and caused a stir in the biz because of the excessive anal intercourse.

Her engagement to Mojo steadied Gauge somewhat. At least until she found out that her fiancÚ was having private relations with porn-actress Kendra Jade too. With lots of money in her pockets (800 US Dollars per hour) and a big stock-pile of drugs, the young, two months pregnant, wild Lolita set out to seek her fortune. Ever since, Mojo is simply 'the asshole' whenever she talks about him.

After some rumours of her retiring from the biz in 2001, she shot movie after movie between 2002 and 2003 and only in 2004 has it gotten a little quieter around this wild brat. Maybe it's due to the fact that she's thinking of studying law? But perhaps it's simply that she's enjoying a well deserved rest in front of the TV (her favourite program is 'The Simpsons'), walking her two dogs or is updating her excellent website?

In her spare time the full- and natural-breasted brunette likes to drive to the ocean to fish for sharks. She generally likes nature very much. But she's by no means an angel: Gauge is famous for her dirty party jokes and likes to have wild car-races with her mates (not all have ended harmlessly). Might this green-eyed girl be a little too innocent at times? But it's this naive joy-de-vivre that makes her the sexy little porn-diva that she is!

Did you know that Gauge . . .

... caused a scandal by doing a naked photo-shoot with her mother and the actor Lee Stone?

... likes to eat at the restaurant 'Sing Sing' in Los Angeles?

... is also a slang term for a certain drug?


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