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Serenity in Denim

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High Desert Dream Girls

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Lesbian Fantasies 1

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Felecia as

Alley Katz Ent.
c/o Felecia
9899 Santa Monica Blvd.
Suite 606
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Personal Data
Date of Birth 01/03/1972
Birth place Orange County, California, USA

Only very few porn-girls manage to become undisputed stars in the biz if they only do girl-girl scenes. For example former ‘Penthouse Pet of the Month’ Janine (Lindemulder) – and Felecia.

If there's one reliable value where lesbo-scenes are concerned, it's this here brunette, a likeable girl who's been in the business since 1993. The problem, predominately found in mainstream-porn is this: As soon as the obligatory lesbo-scene turns up, usually 'round about the middle of the movie, boredom sets in. Why? Because the girls concerned just want to earn a few easy bucks. Not so Felecia who's gotten herself a reputation for always delivering more than just average girl-girl action. Simply 'cause she obviously enjoys all those girlie goings-on. Felecia's dildo stabbings make you worry at times if she's not gonna get 'tennis-elbow' from all that repetitive strain...

Another thing typical for Felecia, who has also appeared as ‘Felecia Danay’ at times, are her bikini stripes. Like them or not, it's no big surprise that she basks her impeccably trained body in the Californian sun. Why she doesn't do the same with her perky, small, natural breasts remains a mystery. Felecia was born in the ‘Sunshine State’, Orange County to be precise, in 1972. Is there latin blood in her? The biz is undecided, it seems likely though, not just because of her looks. This girl's got as much fire in her blood as dildoes up her ass.

Felecia is not only the favourite of 'high-quality lesbo' aficionados, she's well liked in the US-porn-biz for her friendliness and reliability. Which is why she's booked regularly and often, a lot of the time for fuck-flicks 'for the whole family', meaning the not so rough productions from labels such as 'Wicked' (DREAM QUEST) and 'VCA' (FLOSS). Friends of not exclusively lesbo-porn are certainly hoping that a pretty thing like her will one day get a good stuffing. It's rather more likely that strap-on-fucks will be as far as it goes. Not because Felecia really is a lesbian (she says she loves girls above anything else, except men). By the end of 2006 Felecia finished her active porn career after more than 400 movies - without any boy / girl scene.

Did you know that Felecia . . .

... starred in almost 400 movies in her first ten years in the porn-biz?

1995 AVN-Award Best All-Girl Sex Scene - Film (FANTASY CHAMBER)
1995 AVN-Award Best All-Girl Sex Scene - Video (TAKIN' IT TO THE LIMIT 6)
1994 AVN-Award Best All-Girl Sex Scene - Video

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