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Dora Venter

Screenshot from:
Sex Secrets of the Paparazzi

Screenshot from:
Dora Venter (The Private Life Of)

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Personal Data
Date of Birth 10/01/1976
Birth place Budapest, Hungary
Height 156 cm
Aliases Melinda Gal, Claudia Wennström
Measurements 75/60/80
Shoesize 37
Zodiac sign Libra
Marital status unmarried

Every porn-aficionado should carry a picture of Dora Venter in his wallet, to prove all ignorant naggers wrong who insist that all porn-starlets are shabby silicone sluts. Look here you cunts, this is how pretty our stars are! The delicate Hungarian Dora Venter is a figurehead among eastern European performers. She never took the plunge into the US porn-biz, but in the 'old world' she's in the line up of almost every self-respecting production. Dora's absolute forte is her 'anything goes'-attitude: The cute little honey is up for any debauchery, and the anal-fixated chick rounds off most scenes by such artful lascivious play with the sperm, it gets the exhausted masturbator's scrote heated up anew. Added to all that, Dora is so photogenic and has such a great talent for posing (where she uses on of her trumps, her invaluable poutly mouth) that she usually ends up on the cover of 'her' movies.

In her pre-porn life Dora's responsible job was nurse at intensive care, but the strain of that job was getting too much for her delicate frame. Unlike the hard cocks, one could cornily joke, as Dora gave in to her curiosity and contacted one of the many casting-agents in Budapest. Dora's stage name shows her medical past, 'Venter' being the name of the only drug to work against her acidic-stomach problems, which she honours in this way. Dora Venters first production was German, the location virtually on her doorstep, and it was a pleasant excperience - and so Dora came to porn. The Budapest-girl was hired many times by Swedish Mike Beck (VIKINGA LEGENDEN) where she was featured as 'Claudia Wennström’.

For Dora Venter, sex on camera is fun, a prerequisite for being a good porn-starlet she says. One of her favourite partners is Nick Lang, with whom she shot the mega-yummy fuck in front of a waterfall in Croatia for SEX SECRETS OF THE PAPARAZZI. He's not just her favourite because she likes his looks, Dora sets great store by certain standards. In her private life, the sweet blonde likes variation, but never really rough or s/m.

One of the milestones in Dora Venter's career was the third part of Antonio Adamos most elaborate THE PRIVATE GLADIATOR, where she had a scene with the equally delectable Claudia Jamsson. At the winter-shoot in a cold and frosty movie-studio it was so cold they had to repeatedly break from the action - because Dora visibly shivered with the cold. If Dora Venter's dreams for the future come true, she'll have many eventful shoots to look forward to. The Hungarian shares the dream of lots of performers to make the transition into 'serious' films. Mean as we are we'll not keep our fingers crossed too tightly - it would be too much of a shame to lose this hot chicky!

Did you know that Dora Venter . . .

... sadly, sadly has a steady boyfriend. And did you really want to know that?...

... has a 'red-lips' tatoo on her right butt-cheek?

... loves having sex while dressed up or in uniform ever since she worked as a nurse?

... acted at the beginning of her career as Claudia Wenström in swedish movies?

2004 Barcelona Erotic Film Festival Best Supporting Actress

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