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Denise La Bouche

Screenshot from:
German Beauty

Screenshot from:
Schöne Bescherung

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Denise La Bouche as

Personal Data
Date of Birth 01/22/1981
Birth place Magdeburg, Germany
Height 164 cm
Hobbies Playing keyboards, swimming, skating
Marital status Single

German hottie Denise is one of the top-stars in the German fuck-flick biz and under exclusive contract with 'MMV'. After starring roles in high budget adult fare like EISKALTE ENGEL or GERMAN BEAUTY, the 20-year-old has conquered the hearts of many porn connoisseurs around the globe. Originally, Denise was a dental assistant, until she was introduced to the world of hardcore pornography through a girlfriend. She's currently heralded as one of the top newcummers in the biz with a realistic chance at taking Germany's porn throne, which was left without a reigning queen after Kelly Trump and Gina Wild both resigned from the adult business.

Denise was first nominated for a new-cummer "Venus Award", which is awarded every year at the sex-fair of the same name in Berlin. But she never got it then. The definitive high-point of her career came two years later, when the girl from Magdeburg was awarded best German performer. Whether she will ever be as 'revered' as Wild and Trump, will remain to be seen - this busy little fucker certainly has what it takes.

Did you know that Denise La Bouche . . .

... likes to eat spaghetti and health food in general?

... digs dance music and hip-hop?

... 's favourite male co-star is MMV-regular Jens (EISKALTE ENGEL)?

2003 Venus Award Best Actress

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