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Cicciolina as

Ilona Staller
Via Cassia 1818
00123 Roma

Personal Data
Date of Birth 11/26/1951
Birth place Budapest, Hungary
Hobbies Gymnastics, music
Other pseudonym Elena Mercuri
Marital status Divorced, 1 son Ludwig Maximilian (by artist Jeff Koons)

One of the most colourful and enticing porn actresses in the history of erotic film was born on the 26th of november 1951 in Budapest/Hungary: Elena Anna Staller, better known as Ilona Staller or under her screen-name 'Cicciolina'. The daughter of a government official in the ministry of internal affairs and a midwife went on to study medicine in order to become a gynaecologist. She broke off her studies because she fell in love with archaeology. To earn some money on the side the former Miss Hungary worked as a model for an agency. That's what brought her to Italy.

In the early 70's she presented the erotic radio show 'Voulez vous couchez avec moi' on 'Radio Luna' under the pseudonym Cicciolina. Soon after she was a celebrity in the Italian porn-scene and a favourite of the press (when she bared her breasts in the live TV-show 'C'era due Volte', she caused an country-wide scandal).
The rest of Europe only noticed her once she went into, of all things, politics: In 1979 she was the top candidate for the first Italian Green Party 'Lista del Sole'. Her live shows were more and more about political issues. Through continual accusations and denunciations it was tried to stop 'Il Ciclone Cicciolina', to no avail, she became ever more popular with the people.

In 1985 she joined 'Partito Radicale' an got the radical leftist party over 10'000 new members. Cicciolina protested against atomic energy and third world hunger, fought for sex-education at schools, more rights for inmates (for instance she wanted love-rooms in Italian prisons), for the protection of animals and stood up for a revision of the health-system.
In 1987 she was even elected to Italian parlament through a direct mandate from the Roman disctrict of Lazio. Cicciolina was a productive delegate, she was seen in parlament more often that the then Prime minister Bettino Craxi.

But her political duties dis not stop her from looking after her audience and fans: The self-appointed 'Joan of Arc in the war against prudery' continued doing her porn-show 'Perversion' all through her time in office. There was nothing the law could do about it, she had political immunity! As late as 1989 Cicciolina shot her last (so far) porn movie. During her porn actress career of almost 20 years she shot with most of the porn-greats, from John Holmes to Ron Jeremy, to Peter North and Rocco Siffredi.

In 1991 Cicciolina got married to internationally renowned American artist Jeff Koons. The marriage resulted in the pictures and sculptures of his series of works 'Made in Heaven', showing the couple having sex and causing quite a stir at the Venice Biennale on the one hand, on the other hand there's the 'biological sculpture' (said Jeff Koons), their son Ludwig Maximilian; but the match made in heaven was doomed on earth: The marriage was already over by 1992! Cicciolina left the USA with Ludwig and after a lenghty legal battle got sole custody of her son. Mother and son now live in Rome /Italy.

In january of 2002 Ilona Staller was looking into the possibility getting into the Hungarian parliament for her home district of Kőbánya of her home town of Budapest. The project failed, she never even got the meagre 750 signatures she needed to even qualify for election.
She faced an even worse defeat at the elections for mayor at Monza/Italy, her result was a measly 1,5 percent of votes. Her cutting comment:"Until there aren't also totally incompetent women in top-positions, gender-equality is not a reality!"

Ilona Staller is still politically active today and is heavily involved in the fight against the death-penalty and animal experiments. She demands the decriminalisation of drugs, the prohibition of cencorship of any kind and of course she supports the fight against AIDS (afterall she was one of the last actresses to shoot with John Holmes, just before his announcement that he'd been infected with HIV!). Besides all this Staller suggested raising road taxes to finance environmental projects.

As a woman like Cicciolina always needs to come twice, she had a short comeback with a few porn-flicks on 1991 and, according to latest rumours she's planning another attempt at an office of mayor in 2006 - in Milan this time. One thing's for sure: She gets our vote!

Did you know that Cicciolina . . .

... when she was still only Ilona, already worked in modelling for MTI Modelling Company (Hungary's most renowned photo-model agency) at the tender age of 13?

... only in 1988 admitted in an interview that she does not like to wear underwear (it had been suspected for a long time)?

... means 'caress' in Italian?

... these days has the nickname of 'Husika'(translates as something like 'little mouse' or 'little piece of meat') in Hungary?


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