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Chasey Lain

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Chasey Lain as

Chasey Lain
9800 D
Topanga Canyon Blvd #352
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Personal Data
Date of Birth 12/07/1971
Birth place Cocoa Beach, Florida
Height 5 ft. 5 in.
Hobbies Shopping, horse-riding, skiing

What’s it they say: An unrequited love leaves the deepest scars...? Many a bitter tear was wept by ORGAZMIK editor Dixon Deeper, not over any old tramp of course. No, over the one and only Chasey Lain. In this case the old saying is true. Since seeing Chasey’s blow-job scene with Jon Dough in Michael Ninn’s legendary movie SEX, it is love. Sadly, aside from this classy porn, decent material with Miss Lain is very rare. Should one forgive pretty girls everything? Of course!

Chasey Lain was born in December 1971 in Florida and after the usual detour via kindergarten and school, she took the classic career path to become a porn star. Starting as a stripper/dancer, she quickly ascended to starring in soft-core movies such as COUNTY LINE, and climbed further to the top of US-Pornbiz. In no way an ugly duckling, it’s not surprising ‘Wicked’ signed her up in almost no time. Chasey’s first hardcore production in 1993 went by the name of THE ORIGINAL WICKED WOMAN and deserves special mention for the following reason: Miss Lain had her boobs done during the making of the movie and we get to see a nice before/after effect. By the way, she was one of the first starlets who was totally open about her silicone ‘improvements’.

There would always have been enough work for Chasey Lain, but she chose to live by the maxim ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’ and saved herself for big-budget productions. Which is exactly the highly successful strategy of label ‘Vivid’ who she signed up with after ‘Wicked’ and is still with. As all porn stars, Lain has aspirations on serious acting and she got a few cameo roles in movies like the horror flick ‘Demon Knight’ (as a party babe) and comedy movie ‘Orgazmo’ (by ‘South Park’ creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker). She became famous to lots of European people by the song THE BALLAD OF CHASEY LAIN, performed by the rock band "The Bloodhound Gang".

Nowadays she is not a contract girl anymore and is acting as a MILF for lot of different companies.

Did you know that Chasey Lain . . .

... loves to eat chocolate, sushi and man sausage (not necessarily in that order)?

... has Dutch, French, English and Cherokee blood flowing through her veins, all at the same time!?

... was immortalised by weird electric guitar rockers 'Bloodhound Gang' who wrote a song about her: 'The Ballad Of Chasey Lain'?

... never got any awards, even though she really deserves to..?


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