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Brandon Iron

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Brandon Iron as

Personal Data
Date of Birth 07/14/1968
Birth place Alberta, Canada

On July 14,1968 in Alberta/Canada there was born a very hot piece of work: Brandon Iron, Porn-actor and director.

Before giving his horizontal debut in the movie BONFIRE OF THE PANTIES (his partner was Ashley Nicole, then girlfriend of porn-actor and buddy Sean Michaels) in 1991 he worked in a burger-joint. He only really got started in the biz years later, in 1997 to be precise.

By now Brandon Iron can look back on a CV which contains over 500 films and, not least because of his controversial directing work, has become one of the best known protagonists of the US porn-industry. But the brute hardcore sex in his SLAP HAPPY series has caused his reputation to take a bit of a beating. Brandon Iron emphasises that each and every sexual action is discussed and agreed upon in detail with his female partners before the shoot. And so it is that his favourite performers are among the most debauched in the business: Belladonna and Julie Night. Ever since the two "cum-orgy" series A GOOD SOURCE OF IRON and BAKER'S DOZEN, if not before, he's also ascended to demi-god status in the eyes of sperm-lovers and is revered as much as Rodney Moore, John Thompson or Mike John.

But once you get through the iron outer shell, you get to see the Brandon Iron who is a considerate, funny and intelligent lad. He is well read, likes to debate, loves music by "Rage Against the Machine" as much as "50 Cent" or "Vier Jahreszeiten" by "Vivaldi". Hardly a sunday passes when he doesn't sit down with a drink to read Sunday Los Angeles Times or just watching the world go by. He also likes to go and see a good film (his favourite movie is "Million Dollar Hotel").

When asked what he thinks the most beautiful part of a person is her replies: "The smile". An all round nice guy this Brandon Iron. Is there nothing that could fluster this sweet-tempered man? There is: Cold weather, snow and ice are not iron Brandon's thing. Cute!

Did you know that Brandon Iron . . .

... edits his films with a Mac but otherwise isn't too keen on burgers?

... likes to eat at "California Chicken Cafe" best, despite bird-flu?

... does not like horror movies but got the initial inspiration for his second pseudonym "Alek Hydell" from Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who shot JFK?


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