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Screenshot from:
A2M (A 2 M)

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The Fashionistas

Screenshot from:
The Fashionistas

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Belladonna as

19528 Ventura Boulvard
P. O. Box 176
Tarzana, CA 91356

Personal Data
Date of Birth 21/05/1982
Birth place Biloxi, Mississippi, USA
Height 165 cm
Hobbies Guess what?
Marital status Going steady with actor Aiden and daughter Myla D. Kelly

In her first porn, REAL SEX MAGAZINE 31, she made her debut with an anal scene, in NO LIMITS by Sineplex she shoved a baseball-bat up her ass and in John Stagliano's masterpiece THE FASHIONISTAS she excelled in the leading role as "Jessie". So even if you have only the slightest interest in pornography of the 21st century, there's no way around her. Who are we talking about? Belladonna, first porn-cult-queen of the new millenium.

Belladonna was born on May 21st 1982 in Utah. Maybe it was the strict upbringing according to the religious beliefs of her father, a mormon and former captain of the US-Air Force, that made Belladonna who she is today: A wild, adventurous, freedom-loving creature, always on the look-out for a bit of fun and loving.

The girl with exhibitionistic tendencies got into the business via a girl-friend's agent. After a short phone-call, Belladonna got on the next plane and the following day she was shooting her first scene with Chris Cannon, directed by Bill Whitrock. The rest is porn history.

To date Belladonna has starred in over 200 porn-movies and withdrew from acting in 2003. Not because she found her "true religion" again, but rather because she figured she had subjected her body and health to enough wear and tear. And also because she doesn't want to endanger her love-relationship with Nacho Vidal. She's not turning into a nun and in private she's just as active as ever. But Belladonna wouldn't be Belladonna if she could leave the porn business altogether, and so these days, she works as a director (BELLADONNA'S PERVERSIONS).

Maybe one could be so fresh as to ask what makes a woman with such obvious tatooes, who so not fits the glam-porn-star mould, what makes her the most-booked actress and even in critic's eyes an undisputable cult-figure. Well, what is the common denominator of movies such as ASS WORSHIP by Jules Jordan, BRING'UM YOUNG by Jon Dough or THE FASHIONISTAS by John Stagliano? It's BELLADONNAS authentic performance! It is difficult to put in words what makes her so special. Sure, you could say it's the incredibly deep-throat blow-jobs and the rock-hard anal-sex. But that's not it, or not all of it. It's more the wild lust in her eyes, her body-language, that make these movies true masterpieces, and her number 1. It's real, hot, animal sex! Belladonna isn't just Buttwoman (BUTTWOMAN IS BELLADONNA), like another of her movie-titles says, Belladonna is, in the truest sense of the word: Phenomenal!

After Belladonna's return to boy-girl scenes in COCK HAPPY in 2006, she announced her retirement from performing again in August 2007 (this time no lesbian scenes either) and would in future only be working as a director.

Did you know that Belladonna . . .

... was chosen by ORGAZMIK editors as 'Eye-Catcher of the week' many months before her great successes in the business and her getting AVN-Awards?

... in Italian means beautiful woman? Yep, of course we knew that.

... is a herb that's a favourite with Opthalmologists (eye-doctors in normal-speak)? It is used to dilate the pupil of the eye during examination. I imagine it's equally liked by some spaced-out hippies, widening the range of perception (it's supposed to sometimes have an effect akin to LSD).

... is really a saucy blonde by nature and when she smiles, a cute gap between her front-teeth becomes visible?

2008 AVN-Award Best Director (Non Feature)
2007 ORGAZMIK Award Best Director
2007 F.A.M.E. Award Dirtiest Girl in Porn
2006 AVN-Award Best All-Girl Feature
2003 AVN-Award Best Oral Sex Scene
2003 AVN-Award Best Tease Performance
2003 AVN-Award Best All-Girl Sex Scene
2003 AVN-Award Best Supporting Actress
2003 XRCO-Award Female Performer of the Year
2003 XRCO-Award Best Actress
2003 XRCO-Award Orgasmic Actress
2003 XRCO-Award Best Girl-Girl Scene

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