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Anna Malle

Screenshot from:
Diva Girls

Screenshot from:
Wild Life 7

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Anna Malle as

Anna Malle
P.O. Box 97833
Las Vegas, NV 89193

Personal Data
Date of Birth 09/14/1967
Birth place Iowa, USA
Height 168 cm
Marital status Married

Anna Malle (pronounced "Animal") is a bi-sexual nympho who got into porn when she first starred in some amateur sex vids. Together with her hubbie Hank Armstrong, the dark-haired Iowa native led a swinger-lifestyle until she was discovered by a producer at an adult expo. As a passionate swinger Anna got into performing for the camera quickly. She had already had sex with perfect strangers and she had also switched partners before.

Thanks to her reputation as a man- and woman-eating vamp and her supportive and ever-growing fanbase, Anna Malle quickly rose to stardom. Rough scenes of anal sex and lesbo love are among her trademarks. Even Max Hardcore praised her performance when he got to fuck her on top of a five-story parking garage (though Anna dislikes Max because she thinks he abuses women).

So far, Anna has starred in over 300 adult movies, four of which she also directed. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she has a career as a striptease dancer. But her wit and sharp tongue is present in countless magazines and in 2000 she was guesting in the series 'Sex and the City'. This lady is obviously a jack of all trades.

Anna Malle died on January 25th 2006 in a road traffic accident near Las Vegas.

Did you know that Anna Malle . . .

... has two rose tattoos on her body? One on her right breast and one above her pubic hair.

... besides hardcore movies, has also starred in softcore TV fare like HBO's "Real Sex", Paramount's "The Watcher" and various Playboy Channel shows?

... has German, Irish and Cherokee Indian ancestors?

2000 Erotic Dancer Adult Entertainer of the Year

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