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Anita Blond

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Blond & Brunettes

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Planet Sex

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Personal Data
Date of Birth 27.05.1976
Birth place Budapest, Hungary
Height 172 cm

Anita Blond was born on May 27th 1976 in Budapest (Hungary) and since 1995 she stands for a hefty dose of glossy erotica and hardcore action from eastern Europe. After having gotten her basic training on how to be a porn-queen in a few "Private" productions, world-wide fame wasn't far off and Anita starred in movies with such top-stars of the biz as Rocco Siffredi or in Andrew Blake productions. If you add all the movies she's done under her many pseudonyms like Anita Hudacek, Anita Kelly or Bonanita, you get at least to a hundred titles.

Anita Blond is, beside Silvia Saint and Briana Banks, probably the most sought-after porn-export from the eastern-bloc. Without question a movie with her on its cover is among the hottest the porn-world has to offer. Her generous natural bosom, her long legs and her expressive face with the green eyes and pouty mouth are her trademarks and put one in mind of a perfected Bond-girl.

Among her most famous titles is a movie from 1997, ROCK'N'ROLL ROCCO 2 with Rocco Siffredi, John Stagliano and Anita Dark (who gets mistaken for Anita Blond a lot). In this movie, the natural blonde Anita once more proves how much she can take. Another excellent performance is due to a namesake: Italian directrice Anita Rinaldi cast her wonderful fetish-flick PLANET SEX with the coll Hungarian. Peak of Anita's career is probably her lesbo-scene in the cult-porn MODELS by Kris Kramski.

In her movies she portrays the man-eating vamp with an unstillable hunger for sex, privately she's quite shy and more into the tender version with mutual oral (69)and subsequent missionary sex. Sexy lingerie is of course present in her own bedroom, madame is a true diva afterall!

Maybe it was her basic shyness that made her turn her back on the porn-business forever in 2001. Or rather: give the biz the cold shoulder. But her many fans all across the world will certainly never forget her!

Did you know that Anita Blond . . .

... Music is Anita Blonde's great hobby? And she doesn't just mean the lovely flute-playing of the 'blowers'.

... Anita was photographed for "Penthouse" even before her film-career? No, of course she wasn't fully dressed...


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