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Torn (Couples)

Studio / Publisher:   Digital Sin/New Sensation

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DVD Cover: Torn (Couples) recommended
Language(s): English
Sound: Direct Sound
Number of Discs: 1
Packaging: Standard box
Format: NTSC (16:9)
Region Code: 0 (Codefree)

Jacky St. James, Eddie Powell
Chad Alva, India Summer, Raylene, Remy LaCroix, Samantha Ryan, Steven St. Croix, Tom Byron
Hardcore Feature Film    Couple Friendly   
Film Info
Catalog Date: 05.09.2012      Production Year: 2012
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editorial review   Editorial Review(s):  3
info   Condoms: No    Silicone: No    Length: 110 Min.

About Torn (Couples)

Relationships can last a long time. Sometimes couples stay together for decades, their love as strong as on the first day they met. But this isn't always the case. Many partners who took the marital oath tend to grow apart over time - men and women. Their careers and perspectives don't run parallel all the time. Some cling on to the past and to their memories, hoping this will help them survive the future. But the glue that holds their relationship together is slowly eroding. Temptations arise everywhere, new experiences lurk at every corner. Is it time to break the bond? Or should the bond be strengthened instead? Is giving in to youthful temptations a cowardly move in the end?

Drew has come to a crossroads in his life. His wife Mimi does not love him anymore (or at least that's what he thinks). Every time he makes sexual advances, she shrinks back. Hence it's no surprise that a young photographer (his colleague's niece) catches his eye. She makes him feel like a man again. After years of being with an unresponsive woman, he can finally talk about his feelings again - something that he could never do before. The young student is smitten: here's a grown man who can talk openly about his feelings. Needless to say, she falls head over heels in love with him. But they both know that they are giving in to temptation. Right at this time, Drew's wife suffers a tragic loss in her family. Drew is desperate - how can he leave his wife in this time of need? Particularly because she opens up to him for the first time in many years. Drew has to make a decision: end the marriage or give it new life. How would you decide?

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Editorial Review(s)

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   Editorial Review(s)
  Joey Ride (ORGAZMIK) Personal pleasure :
A couple-friendly movie. No, make that THE couple-friendly movie. I would have never thought that I would write this one day. Couples fare isn't normally my cup of tea - I can't imagine holding someone's hand while watching a porno. But TORN is different. It's tender and passionate. True to life. It speaks to the heart and the hormones. TORN is a real story about real people. Many couples go through the very same hardships. The story shows us how an affair can become a reality from one day to the next. There's nothing romantic about it, no assignment of guilt. It just happens over time, without anyone trying to hard to make it happen. Unfulfilled desires, diverging interests and the need to live separate lives are at the bottom of this. The story is absolutely compelling - so compelling in fact that I didn't even feel like fast-forwarding through it. I was interested in the dialogue, the emotions and - of course - the sex (which is just phenomenal). Thanks to the emotional groundwork, the love-making feels even more passionate and exciting. And it helps that both picture and sound are of the highest order.
  Cornelius Cream (ORGAZMIK) Personal pleasure :
After the 'Swingers' and 'Romance' product lines, New Sensations now introduce their 'Couples' line with TORN. TORN is the story of an estranged couple, Christine (India Summer) and Drew (Steven St. Croix). Over the years, love has turned into mere friendship and the bedsheets have cooled down too. But just when Drew is about to run off with a young art student called Mimi (Remy LaCroix), Christine is dealt an ill-fated hand... So much for the premise of this couple-friendly porno from directing duo Eddie Powell and Jacky St. James. TORN has everything a successful couple-friendly porno needs: passionate, sensual sex, great cinematography and a gripping story that goes deep (which is rather rare in this genre). More importantly, the acting is more than just passable (particularly in India Summer's case). This movie is bound to make the top ten of couple-friendly flicks in the years to come. It will be interesting to see what New Sensation's release next in their 'Couples' line. One thing's for sure, though: it must be really good because this movie is hard to beat!
  Customer Feedback Personal pleasure :
I fully agree with the other positive reviews (which is rarely the case). I have never seen such a compelling (couple-friendly) porn flick before! The performers act very convincingly - not just for porn standards. The acting, the camera work and the story are superb and amount to much more than just filler between the sex scenes. The story is indeed very important in this movie. It is convincing, compelling and cohesive - and thanks to the great performers, it is also very emotionally involving. The sex scenes are directed with great care and passion and fit seamlessly into the storyline. This is by far the best, most beautiful and most riveting porn flick I have ever seen. Bring on the next one! Wow!
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