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Little Girls Blue (Limited Edition)

Studio / Publisher:   Tabu Film

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DVD Cover: Little Girls Blue (Limited Edition) recommended
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Language(s): English German
Sound: N/A
Number of Discs: 2
Packaging: Standard box
Format: PAL
Region Code: 0 (Codefree)

Joanna Williams, William Dancer
Casey Winters, Samantha Morgan (Tamara Morgan), Ellaine Wells, Lori Blue (Lola Dunmore), Ken Scudder (Ken Cotten), Paul Thomas, Blair Harris, Jon Martin (Terry Blass), Carl Regal, Jack, Turk Lyon (Turk Lynn) John Seeman, George Adler, Nancy Hoffmann, Kristine Heller, Debbie Sloan, Sarah Butterfield, Barbara Burk, Kathy Graves, Lucy McDonald, Laurie Peters, Audrey Hale, Cindy Scott, Karen Shea
Porn Classics   
Film Info
Catalog Date: 08.08.2013      Production Year: 1977
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editorial review   Editorial Review(s):  1
info   Condoms: No    Silicone: No    Length: 71 Min.

About Little Girls Blue (Limited Edition)

The 'Townsend School for Girls' has a problem with pubescent teen girls running wild. These chicks are constantly looking for the next sexual experience or adventure. As Townsend is a girls-only boarding school, the pupils have no other choice than to seduce the male teachers, quickly emptying them of even the last drop of cum. LITTLE GIRLS BLUE features the talents of ferocious Misty (Casey Winters), who can't survive any classroom break without a hard ruler up her snatch; Buffy (Elaine Wells) who pretends to be a virgin during the day but fucks her teacher Mr Barrett (Paul Thomas) at night while he lectures to her about the American constitution (oh, the things a girl will do to get better grades - if only her classmates knew!); Kathy (Samantha Morgan) who desperately craves sexual attention but feels that Misty's ex-conquests are not good enough for her - she'd rather fuck math and gym teacher Coach Fowler (Carl Regal).

LITTLE GIRLS BLUE is the mother of all school girl pornos!

This DVD edition is limited to 1,000 copies and contains the theatrical version (German language), an uncut version (partly subtitled in German) as well as the English language original (uncut!).


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   Editorial Review(s)
  Cornelius Cream (ORGAZMIK) Personal pleasure :
The high school fetish is a tricky one in the adult film industry, but at least it leads to the occasional laugh - particularly if the movie in question is a classic that shows its age. Producers William Dancer and Joanna Williams are responsible for one of the most successful and popular school girl pornos of all time: LITTLE GIRLS BLUE. Although William Dancer directed numerous exploitation movies in his life, his wife is generally credited as the director of LITTLE GIRLS BLUE. And Michael Zen gets credit as editor on the movie - even though Joanna Williams was a professional editor too. Never mind the truth, I am sure both William Dancer and Joanna Williams knew what they were doing. One of their trademarks were the imaginative ways of coming up with new visual ideas, e.g. how to make a square root come to life in LITTLE GIRLS BLUE, or how to make a woman's body levitate towards a blowjob while a harp is playing in the background. Great stuff! The featured cast members are all super-sexy tarts with school uniforms and hairy muffs - but the latter is easily forgiven because the girls are so cute. There's even an anal scene in this movie (not to mention the numerous tasty cumshots). An interesting side note: the same building seen in this movie was also used in the horro cult classic 'Phantasm' (1979). LITTLE GIRLS BLUE looks damn great - and the playfulness of the key cast members adds a lot to that. Thanks to the Tabu label, we not get to see the movie in all its original glory, with a new transfer and better picture quality. Compared to the VCX version, this edition really shines. More importantly, Tabu are releasing the uncut 72-minute version of the movie (unlike VCX's meagre 56-minute cut that was missing the whole gag at the end). I really hope the re-release of LITTLE GIRLS BLUE will be as successful for Tabu as the original release was for the movie's producers. The German dubbed version, however, is more of a joke (although an unintentional one). For example, a note given to one of the girls during class reads 'Skip next period', while the German subtitle translates it as 'I missed my period, I gotta talk to you!'. As I said, the humour is of the unintentional kind. That said, the producers seem to have made a few mistakes of their own during the shooting, e.g. Casey Winters (who is called 'Debbie' according to the credits and the script) is constantly referred to as 'Misty' in the movie. Haha, epic entertainment!
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